List of addons that work with 2.8

News per 6/6/2019: Blenderartists is a great website but for a good overview of addons a dedicated website is needed. There fore I started a fresh new website dedicated to Blender 2.80 addons. It’s focussed on Free addons, and secondly paid addons later. Free and paid will be separated to avoid “pollution”.

Here is the website:

Please keep it gentle because it’s brand new and it needs time to find the weaks and strengths. (Don’t give it to much publicity yet for example). If you have suggestions, ideas or you want to collaborate, let me know.

How to add your add-on to this list? (Anyone has acces to edit it and I am not going to do it anymore.).

  • Click on the orange pencil here on top which shows a number in front of it.

  • There are three categories: Free, Paid and Built in.

  • Simply add your add-on under one of the categories with a title, short description and one or two links.

Updated version of Google Sheets with search, category and UI. Have added all except payed and still some work to do with adding what is free and not.
To add more add-ons: Go to the “Add new here” tab and scroll down and to where there is a free spot.

Free addons for Blender 2.80 - Categories:

Blender Functionality

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Blender Shortcut VUr
With this Blender add-on you can display mouse and keyboard input.

Addon Pie Workspaces

A continuously evolving collection of scripts, to simplify and automate a variety of tasks.

Context Browser (Free / Fair price)
An add-on for Blender 2.79+/2.80+ that allows you to view and edit context data of the active area.

kbPIEs (Free / Fair Price)
Screen layout switcher Pie menu.

Wazou’s Pie Menus (Free / Fair Price)
Awesome Pie Menus for Blender.

Sun Position
An Update of Michael Martins Sun Position add-on for Blender 2.8.

Cameras Lister
Easy select camera’s in popup. Shortcut is Alt-C.

QuickSwitch a helper to quick switch workspaces and view render menu in viewport.

Object Shake
A Blender 3D addon to make adding object shake easy and flexible.

Screencast Keys Status
A blender add-on Screencast Keys to display the Keyboard/Mouse and Operation status.

Simple Renaming Panel
Add-on for blender to rename more objects at once.

No clear description available.

HDRI Sun Aligner v1.1
Automatically rotating an object (e.g. a sun) to match the brightest point in a HDRI environment texture.

Show more info in the viewport.

AStats: Statistics for Blender
Statistics display for Blender 2.8 with a lot of customization

AStats mod: Statistics for Blender
Modified AStats to include poly/vertex/edge count, filename (and save status), committed memory, Blender version, Render Engine, Subdivision Level. Works in multiple viewports and it’s fully customizable.

AMaAs:Quick Material Assignment
Quickly assign materials to selection using pop-up menu

Easy HDRI addon 1.0.1 for Blender 2.80
Easy HRDI is a free Blender add-on that will help you to load and test your HDRI images quickly.

Camera Exposure, White balance and Autofocus.

Basically this add-on lets you easily make temporary snapshots of your currently open file in a predefined folder, so that you can make as many file versions as you want without worrying about saving over your originals or polluting your project folders with many versions of the same file.

Modifier List
Alternative UI layout for modifiers with handy features. Available also inside the sidebar and as a popup.

DuWamf: Dude, Where are my folders?
This is a convenience utility add-on that makes accessing essential Blender folders easy.

Copy Blender Info
Simply copies Blender’s app info needed when doing a bug report. It copies current version, hash-code, date & time. User than only needs to paste in the template under “Blender Version”.

Move active object with keyboard in 3d view

Font Selector
Dynamic Font Management in Blender 3d View and Sequencer.

Adds a simple radial array operator.

Adds 7 new Pie Menus
I will be adding other menus in the future.

LeftClick Alternative for Blender 2.80
This addon has been created to aquip Blender 2.80 with the same keymap options that are available for Right Click users.

Auto-reload external images
This addon adds automatic reload functionality for external images in Blender

Batch Process
Batch process multiple properties with ERNA syntax.

Empty to Image Plane
Add an Image Plane at every (selected) Image Empty

Eevee Presets
Simple add-on to save Eevee settings in presets.

Freeze (temporary Apply), Unfreeze or Update mesh object modifiers.

Advanced UI Menus
A collection of interface elements to speed up your workflow.

Array tools
A all in one to mix translation, scale and rotation array.

A*Mouse Selection Tools
Easy mouse selection tools.
Double click to select linked and hold right mouse button for raycast selection.

A* Hide/Unhide
Extended functionality for changing visibility of objects\components

A* Selection Sets
Addon for streamlining work with vertex groups

Ancient addon from saidenka to restart Blender quickly. Updated to 2.74 by meta-androcto, to 2.80 by mkbreuer and to 2.82+ by myself (Dogway).

Noter is an add-on created to increase productivity in Blender by organizing the workflow.


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Fast Carve
Hardsurface utility Blender addon for fast boolean and bevel operations.

KIT OPS is the systemized application of .blender files, called KIT OPS INSERTS, which can be used to instantly cut and add to existing objects or create standalone objects with the goal of rapidly creating and exploring new designs.

Floorboard generator
(Easiest would be to open raw and right click on page > save as …. .py)

Blender tools for working with edge loops.

Tina, Transfer Normals Add-on
T!NA allows you to quickly transfer normals and (optionally) vertex colors between near vertices of different objects. These objects can then be seamlessly assembled while remaining separate.

Bezier Curve CAD Tools
CAD tools for bezier curves such as: Fillet, Boolean, Offset, Intersect, Arc Length and many more.

Tissue - Blender’s add-on for computational design.
(For those who don’t know this addon: it really cool, a must have).

Smart and fast making face.

Destructive Extrude
It is made on the basis of aches modifier with the method of “Carve”.

Math Mesh
Mathematical mesh curve generator add-on for Blender 2.8.
Usage: Mesh > Edit mode > Select two vertices > Type in Search (F3): Math Mesh

Addon that automates creation of welds along the edge of intersection of two objects.

Tips for usage of Welder:

  • Use S(cale) + X to remove gaps if need
  • Add Smooth modifier (Factor 1, repeat around 10)
  • Play w ith scaling on y (depth) and z (height)
  • Use higher resolution mesh to prevent gaps.
  • Also Select the weld and play with the array modifier
    to close gaps

Generate tubing between two selected polygons.

Laser Slicer
It slices a Blender object up and then exports those slices to SVG file(s).

Fiber Mesh
Fills a mesh with fiber.

Unregis Tools
Addon for optimizing and simplfying meshes for blender for use in OpenSim and SL. (clean up mesh)

Add-on meant to speed up the process of architectural visualization by creating commonly needed items with the click of a button.
(suggestion: remove dots from file-names/folders)

Mesh Offset Edges

Adjacent Selection Addon
Mimics Adjacent Selection from Softimage

Pipe Nightmare
Add-on inspired by the 3DS Max script Pipe Dreams

QBlocker is an interactive object creation tool for Blender 2.8.

Boolean 2D Union
2D Boolean Union of intersecting planes.

Advanced Cones
Addon for more complex cone-like shapes (tangent and secant ogives, prolate spheroids, parabolic cones, power series and Haack series).

Mesh Heal
Surface mesh healing add-on.

Mesh Utils
Mostly select utilities: overlapping vert/edge/face, interior faces, edges by trait, and other stuff.

The essence of addon work is that it can set a clearly defined height for the model along the Z axis. The entire model also increases in proportion to the X and Y axes

Bevel after Boolean
As the title says, makes nice bevels after boolean. A must have addon.

Street Generation from Edges
Generate very basic street like geometry from the edges of a user created base mesh object.

Auto Mirror
Super fast cutting and mirroring for mesh Blender2.8ver. AutoMirror Addon for Blender 2.79, made by lapineige, I updated it to Blender 2.8. The price is set to 0

Blender add-on to assign shape keys
add-on for assigning one or more Bezier curves to another curve as its shape keys.
It also supports multi-spline curves, with a number of part matching criteria.

Match Transforms
It adds some buttons to the Tools/Transform panel that allow you to match the selected objects (singular or plural) tansforms (all or location, rotation, scale) to the active object (last selected).

To sweep a face along a face loop

Engraver is a simple addon with set of few tools designed to help carving decals in 3d models. This addon was designed to support modeling with custom normals workflow.

Three Point Arch Tool
This add-on allows you to create semi-circular arches by placing three points to your scene. The first and second points define the beginning and end of the arch, the third point sets the height and rotation angle of the arch

Bisectplus v1.1
This add-on allows the use of a plane (instead of a gizmo), which can be easily selected with an eyedropper. It offers more precision in adjusting the bisection and generates 3 vertex groups, namely the bisectionloop, FrontSide and Backside which both include the centercutselection for easier further operations.

Set Precise Mesh /CAD
This add-on is made for precise modeling.
For example “Set Precise Mesh” allows users to set exact values of the angle between three vertexes and also sets the exact length of the edge and has extra features for it.


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Shape Keys+
Adds a panel with extra options for creating, sorting, viewing, and driving shape keys.

A small blender 2.8 add-on to make working with lattices simpler.

Simple soft body for Blender armatures.

MB-Lab is an attempt to keep the ManuelBastioniLAB Blender addon alive through community efforts.


Rigify for MB-Lab
Adds a nearly ready-to-use Rigify Rig for Characters made with MB-Lab add-on.

Mask Tools
Blender currently lacks the functionality to save dynatopo sculpt masks. Even though this can be done with a hacky method its confusing for most. This add-on allows saving masks as vertexgroups and coverting vertex groups to masks.

Celtic knot version 1.0

Sculpt/Paint Workflow Suite
Various workflow enhancers, incl. easy brush size/strength changing.

Curve Remove Doubles
The addon glues nearby points on a single Bézier curve. In fact it is an analogue of the usual Remove Doubles on a mesh, but it is for a curve.

BlenRig 5
Rigging system


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Instant Meshes Remesh
Addon that uses the commandline version of Instant Meshes 403 to integrate it into Blender.

Boundary Aligned Remesh
Remesh open meshes

Automatic retopology based on shared UV space. (Marvelous Designer workflow)

Create triangulated meshes from closed curves.


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Sure UVW Map - (Development)

Texel Density Checker (Free / Fair price)

UVPackmaster 2 STANDARD (also pro available)
UVPackmaster 2 is a second release of a popular UV packing solution for Blender 3D

Blender 2 UVLayoutBridge
It’s a Blender bridge add-on between two programs Blender and Headus UVLayout for UV maps editing.
(headus UVLayout is a paid program)

Tube UV Unwrap
UV unwrap tube-like meshes (all quads, no caps, fixed number of vertices in each ring).

Quad Unwrap

UV layout bridge
Blender Add-On: A bridge between Headus UVlayout and Blender

Extra Image List
Adds a panel for easier texture selection in the UV editor

UV Toolkit
Tools collection for uv editing

TexTools is a UV and Texture tool set


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Helps you produce eye-candy results, with thousands of possible lighting solutions for your product, character or other 3D art.

PBR Texture Mapper (PTM)

Material Bakery
(Note: For Blender 2.8, but baking process only with Cycles. I had an Cuda error when rendering on GPU so I had to use CPU to bake.)

Set of nodes and sample shaders to make NPR shading in Blender EEVEE easier.

Principled Baker
Bake PBR textures with a few clicks

EZ paint
An improved version of Texture Paint Plus for Blender.
(Press w-key in paint-mode)

Tiny and easy texture baking UI

BIS - online material storage
The online materials (shaders) storage add-on for Blender 3D creation. With the BIS add-on, you can save materials (groups of nodes) to the online personal library and then convenient search and use them in your blender projects. (Free and Paid, both same functionality).

Vertex Color Master
A tool that gives artists precise control over vertex color data, allowing channel isolation, swapping, and copying to and from vertex weights. It also adds a few useful tools, such as gradient tool, HSV controls, remap, posterize and more.

Datablock Tools
Easy way to remove duplicated material or UV image datablocks (“image.png.001”, etc), typically created when copy-pasting objects.

Blender Addon PBR
Provides a material panel that creates Metallic/Roughness or Specular/Gloss Nodes using the Principled BSDF shader.

Wireframe Color Tools
Several tools to color your objects wireframes. For example random color, random range or material color.

PBR Materials
PBR Materials is an addon with physically based materials.

Bake to Vertex Color
Transfer Image Data to Vertex Color


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Simple Asset Manager 2.8

Import glTF assets from Sketchfab into Blender using Sketchfab download API.

Poliigon Material Converter
This addon will automatically create a material out of your texture maps. It supports Blender 2.79 and up.

BlenderKit add-on (Free / Standard / Pro)
BlenderKit is an online database of materials, brushes and 3D models which you can search, download.

YAAM Yet Another Asset Manager
A blender Asset Manager developed as part of the open movie project (

Automates the tasks to get a game assets ready for video games from an High Poly model.

Asset Wizard
Initially based on the Simple Asset Manager but completely re-written.


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FishSim - Goldfish Version
Fish Swimming Simulator.

An artist-friendly tool for throwing stuff around inside Blender

A visualizer addon for blender.

Blender Typewriter Add-on
Animated type writer effect for font objects in the 3D View.

Blender Text Counter
Add-on for animating numbers in a Text object, including a number of options.

Grease Writer
Add-on for auto-animating grease pencil strokes and emulating hand-drawn text.

Writing Animation

Add-on for motion graphics.

Nudge Keyframe
Few scripts to automate some keyframe manipulations in Blender.

Create Single World Bone Blender
Addon for creating a bone in Blender 3D in world space.

Quicktalk Lip Sync Addon

add-on for syncing duplicated action strips in the NLA Editor to notes in a midi file

Generate rig for cars and vehicules and also generate animation for wheels and steering

Jiggle Armature new version
Bones with physics

V-HACD Convex Hull Generator
Generate accurate convex collision meshes for use in games and other real-time physics sims.

Real time animation
Addon for animating by recording object motion This addon for Blender lets you move objects of any type (including cameras, lights, etc) and bones in 3D space and record their motion as keyframes


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Sverchok prerelease Master
Sverchok is a powerful parametric tool for architects, allowing geometry to be programmed visually with nodes.

Blender Modular Tree
This addon for blender allows the creation of realistic trees with the node editor.
(Start with: trunk node to split node then grow node then branch node)

Animation Nodes
[Animation Nodes 2.1 for Blender 2.8 Test Builds]

Dynamic Maths Expression
Automatically builds a shader node group from a user-entered mathematical expression (eg, “(a+b)*c”)

Code-free node-based game development solution for Blender with multiplayer, procedural animation, interaction, and build support.

Video Sequence Editor

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Blender addon for exporting and importing animated GIF sequences.

VSE Transform Tools
Quickly transform, crop and fade video strips in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor.

Subs import is an addon for Blender that allows users to create and edit subtitles for movies or music.

Blender VSE Reworked
A proof-of-concept attempt to rework and reorganize the blender Video Sequence Editor (VSE).

Browse, listen and insert sounds from the archive in your Blender VSE. An API key is required.

Power Sequencer
Fast cutting, trimming, and rippling with the mouse, faster playback, instant fades and crossfades, smart selection tools and 40 more improvements for VSE.


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Easy Align
Mesh objects align, and mesh objects origins align.

Mesh Align Plus
Mesh Align Plus helps you precisely align, move, and measure+match objects and mesh parts in your 3D scenes. Useful especially for hard surface modelers, mechanical, architectural and CAD/CAM users.

Snap Target Menu
Was the idea of an independent “Snap Target” menu (active, median, center, closest)

Align Pivot To Selection
Aligns and orients the object’s origin (pivot) to the selection. Works on mesh objects in both edit and object modes.

CAD like Transform
CAD like precise Move / Rotate / Scale tools, with advanced snap features like snap from / snap to. Works in both object and edit mode.


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OptiX Denoiser
This addon brings the power of NVIDIA OptiX Denoiser directly into Blender 3D.
(It Works on top of Declan Russel’s OptiX Denoise Windows binaries or Linux (if you compile them)):

Tips for installation:

  • You might end up having two times a folder named: Denosier_v2.1. This should be one folder, not two.
  • Denoiser possibly doesn’t work (well) when there are nodes in the compositor, remove them).
  • Follow instructions on Github, look at the folder/files tree.

Adds a Render and Animation Button for Blender 2.80.

Render all cameras, one by one, and store the results.

Notify is a very simple add-on for Blender 2.80 and 2.7x, that sends a system notification when render is complete, works on linux and theoretically on Windows too, havent tested it there yet.

Alarm and Shutdown v1.2 (Beta)
Allows you to set custom sound alarm, shut-down your computer by timer and send an email notification on render completion event


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Import Rhinoceros 3D
Import 3DM files created with Rhinoceros 3D.

Import SVG Paths as Shape Keys

Point Cloud Visualizer
Display, render and convert to mesh colored point cloud PLY files.

Goz for Blender 2.8
Export (what?) to Zbrush.

Quake BSP Importer
Allows you to import level geometry and textures from the 1996 game Quake directly into Blender. Using this you could use old levels as a template for some tribute artwork or something similarly fabulous.

io_mesh_vtk VTK polydata surface mesh import-export add-on.

Paid addons for Blender 2.80

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  1. Pie Menu Editor
    Pie Menu Editor 1.15.7

  2. Cuber / Creative bundle / Ice Tools
    Creative Bundle Add-on Package

  3. OpenVDB Remesh. Checked: working for now.
    OpenVDB remesh

  4. Group pro

  5. Global shader (My own shader that makes extensive use of drivers and has python scripts)

  6. Toonkit for Cycles

  7. Theme Editor (Paid, two versions)
    An add-on that makes theme customization fast and easy.
    Theme Editor (v1.1 released)

  8. Hardops 0097 Promethium
    Hard Ops is a toolkit aimed at assisting users with everything from modelling to rendering.

  9. BlenderKit add-on (Free / Standard / Pro)
    BlenderKit is an online database of materials, brushes and 3D models which you can search, download.

  10. Boxcutter
    Boxcutter has one primary focus. Cutting.

  11. NodeSet Pro
    Is an add-on that greatly simplifies the process of importing sets of textures to create a node based material.

  12. UV Packmaster (36) KIT OPS PRO Extended /Pro)
    UVPackmaster is an efficient UV packing solution for Blender 3D.

  13. Curves To Mesh
    Quickly create and configure mesh surfaces from bezier curves. Ideal for creating accurate machine parts or for more organic modeling.

  14. Cloth FX
    Dynamic cloth tearing FX, even with trigger objects.

  15. Tesselator Quad Remesher
    Tesselator is a remeshing addon that helps you create regular quad and triangle meshes easily out of sculpts.

  16. Dynamic Lines
    Dynamic Lines is an addon for Blender that allows you to create plates as fast and easy as possible.

  17. Bevelled Extrude
    Create extrusion effects that have configurable bevel effects on the base, corners and tops.

  18. Plating Generator and Greebles
    Quickly create unique hull plating patterns using existing mesh topology and add greebles.

  19. FLIP Fluids
    FLIP Fluids is a powerful liquid simulation add-on that gives you the ability to create high quality fluid effects all within Blender.

  20. Blender-OSM
    One click download and import of OpenStreetMap and terrain for Blender! Global coverage.

  21. WeightLifter
    WeightLifter helps simplify creating vertex groups or vertex color layers.

  22. Batch Operations
    Welcome to BATCH OPERATIONS™ 2 smart data-management: the most advanced manager for the Blender 2.80 materials, modifiers, collections, and other data.
    (Mind, that it is not an asset manager, but data-manager.).

  23. IDMapper
    IDMapper simplifies creation and editing of vertex color layers that can be used as ID-maps in texturing software like Substance Painter or Quixel.

  24. Ortho
    Ortho offers a collection of tools that allows you to move, rotate, scale, snap and align selections of a mesh relative to a user-defined reference plane.

  25. Speedsculpt
    SpeedSculpt allows you to create very fast characters, to manage Dyntopo Sculpting with booleans, cut curves, skin modifier, decimate etc.

  26. Bezier Mesh Shaper
    This is a modeling tool for Blender 2.79 and 2.80 that lets you use curves to deform your mesh, allowing you to make beautiful shapes.
    It’s useful for blocking and polishing forms of organic and hard surface meshes.

  27. Angle Tool
    Angle Tool is a simple and robust modeling tool for quickly creating corner geometry from any cross-section selection in Edit Mode. Previously known as Corner Extrude.

  28. DynRemesh 2.0
    DynRemesh is a quad-based remesher, assisting in retopology for your dyntopo sculpts & 3dscans containing too many tris(triangles).
    Usage tips: In case you see a lot of 7,8, or 9-poles, before remeshing, go in Edit mode and select all. Then in Object mode remesh. Albert will update the addon later. Other tips; use high poly meshes like dynotopo and probably better prevent flat surfaces / needs curvature.

  29. SimpleBake
    SimpleBake is a one-click solution for baking PBR and ColourID maps from materials created in Blender 2.8 for export to and similar apps and services (no special node groups, no new workflows, just simple baking).

  30. Multi Exporter 0.1.1
    This addon for Blender 2.79 & 2.80 exports your mesh objects to several formats at once (".stl", “.obj”, “.fbx”, “.3ds”, “.wrl”, “.x3d”, “.ply” ).
    Multi Exporter

  31. Re-Last 2.0.1
    Is an add-on that allows you to speed up your workflow by using the mouse or pen
    Re-Last 2.1.6

  32. Hair Tool
    This addon will help you generate hair mesh ribbons with uv’s from bezier/nurbs curves

  33. Shotpacker
    UV island packing add-on for Blender.

  34. Get Sheet Done
    Spritesheet generator and manipulator.
    With render strips manager - render sequences for different cameras and ranges.
    Thread about addon

  35. BATS
    Allows you to create PBR materials with a layer system.

    KIT OPS is the systemized application of .blender files, called KIT OPS INSERTS, which can be used to instantly cut and add to existing objects or create standalone objects with the goal of rapidly creating and exploring new designs.
    KIT OPS 2 Now Shipping

  37. Bookmarker

  38. Rapid PBR Material Creator
    Addon that simplifies the creation of PBR materials to a SINGLE click!

  39. Archipack 2.0
    “The fastest archviz workflow ever”

  40. Modo-Me
    This add-on tries to mimick some of the interface elements and functionalities from Modo in Blender.
    Modo-Me, Modo like action centers in Blender, Smart Action Centers and Axis Management

  41. WISP Fire Shader
    A shader that takes your existing fire simulation and applies corrected shading to the volume, turning your bright gloopy mess, into a magnificent rolling fireball with no extra simulation cost!

  42. Anti-Tile
    Seamless images are great, until you scale them up 5 times and you can see the repeating pattern. Anti-tile is a one-click addon for removing tiling from any image, regardless of scale.

  43. Super Texture
    Want to quickly generate dynamic PBR textures within blender?
    Super Texture is a one-click addon for generating multiple PBR maps from a single image.

  44. Level Builder
    Level Builder is a powerful tools help you to speed up the level design process.

  45. Garment Tool
    Garment Tool is Blender addon designed to simplify process of making simulation ready cloth meshes inside Blender.

  46. BaseMesh Temple: An awesome way of sculpting in Blender (2.79/2.80)

  47. IO Guru
    IO-Guru makes importing and exporting objects as easy as a single click. This add-on also makes batch import and export possible with single clicks or shortcuts
    IO Guru (2.79/2.80), Import/Export with Wisdom and Elegance (and just paste your object files)

  48. Skething Idea
    Used with sculpting tool. Find your best ideas with pencil before sculpting them.

  49. NodeCustomBuilder
    Save your best node trees with your custom settings and reuse them in your future blender projects.

  50. MeshLab Gourmet, the MeshLab companion

  51. EV Express
    EV Express is an add-on that speeds up the workflow setting up a scene in EEVEE to showcase your model. No more hassle adjust all the render settings, shadows, contact shadows, probes, etc.

  52. Slash
    Slash is an Blender add-on to help you do onion skinning for your animation workflow, it shows
    earlier frames and later frames at once to help you decide how to animate your characters, models.

  53. Speedflow
    Speedflow is an addon, designed to simplify the modeling process within blender. It enables you to perform multiple actions such as adding, removing and manipulating multiple modifiers directly in the 3d view.

  54. Speedsculpt
    Speedsculpt is an addon, designed to simplify the sculpting process within blender. You will be able to add primitives, to combine them on the fly, to cut objects, to make a fast posing, etc.

  55. Floating Windows
    Floating windows allows you to use basic functionalities that seems revolutionary at first, but are in fact common industry standard. Always on top windows are now avaible for blender 2.8 like any other software out there, fiving you new possibilities for your workflow.

  56. Smart Select
    Adds multiple new selection options to make selecting mesh structures easier and more streamlined.

  57. X-Pose Picker
    X-Pose Picker is designed as a universal, multi-platform tool for riggers and animators. It is a way to select things and control things inside of Blender and other supported software. just like it’s used in professional studios.

  58. X-Muscle System
    X-Muscle System is designed for rapid muscular system, tissue and other organic object creation and their physical simulations. Its main purpose is to help visualize better skin surface deformations according to volume preservation of the body muscles, fat and even bones. Add-on lets you focus on the design, creativity and to significantly speed up the workflow with extremal learning curve.

  59. Spindle: Render Manager & Frame Batcher
    Render multiple cameras with custom settings from one panel. Batch Render still frames and animations selectively from any number of cameras in your scene with one push of a button!.

  60. Quad remesher
    Quad Remesher is an automatic quad remeshing (or auto retopology) technology.

  61. FaceBuilder
    FaceBuilder add-on for Blender can help with building 3D models of human faces and heads using a couple of photographs.

  62. UOZA Production Pies
    Workflow and gesture based Pie Menus: true-to-Maya Component+Transform Pie, Collection Pie, Visibility/Selection Masks Pie, Smart Selection Pie. And a handful of new QoL and novel operators: Unhide Last, Select Similar, Select Cast, Hierarchy Navigation, Mouse Wheel Optimized Subdivision, Force Autosave and more.

  63. VSHADE - Professional Shader System for Blender Cycles & Eevee
    Vshade is a node group collection developed for Blender. The most important feature of this collection is that it is, an easy to setup, all-in-one a material system, that is not in the Blender. In the same time, it can do this as high quality as possible and physically corrected, and also compatible for PBR material setup (it supports Metalness and Specular workflows). It has a lot of material nodes for these. With this node groups can be setup a material of desired level. If you want you can use “Uber” node system that all-in-one, or other node groups for specific needs (solid, refraction, glass, glossy, SSS etc.) and you can create desired materials easily and realistic.

  64. VMATS - Vshade Material Library for Blender Cycles & Eevee
    Vmats is a realistic and high quality material library for Blender. Vmats for Cycles have 1595 material, Vmats for Eevee have 1531 material. Vmats have understandable interface and easy to use, you can easily list and preview all materials, and easily assign your objects. The materials have also been expertly optimized for both speed and quality. We take the guess work out of creating superb looking materials, leaving you to focus on the more important parts of your project. Vmats have 2K to 4K high quality textures.

  65. Hang-Down - easily create animated rope/cables and chains
    Hang-Down allows you provides you with tools to create physically based objects like ropes, cables and chains (*). Follow the link to find out more.

  66. Dynamic Slice and Cap
    You can create architectural section models easily in Blender anymore. With Dynamic Slice and Cap add-on, you can create section models like 3dsmax. And you can animate and render your works. This add-on works like 3dsmax’s Slice and Cap Holes modifiers.

  67. Hacker
    Hacker takes Blender’s Text, Console, and Info editors, and transforms them into a single, optimized workspace that allows anyone to create powerful Blender add-ons! Watch the full playlist and check out the online manual to learn more.

  68. Power Select
    Power Select combines Blender’s Box Select and Tweak Selection modes. With one click, and no other hotkeys, you can tweak an object, or box select multiple objects then immediately move your selection with just your mouse. It also has other awesome features like double click an object to toggle edit mode, auto enable cage-edit for modifiers, transparency select, and much more!

  69. Power Refs
    Power Refs makes loading entire sets of references a breeze. It also comes with a super powerful feature that allows you to search multiple websites at once for reference images.

  70. PBR Bridge
    PBR Bridge provides a non destructive, automated, texture workflow between Blender and industry standards: Quixel Mixer, Substance Painter & ArmorPaint.
    Blender Market | Gumroad

Built-in Addons (There are more, but you can easily check them in Blender 2.80 in preferences)

  - Amaranth Toolset
  - Object Color Rules
  - Exact Edit
  - Carver
  - Edit Tools
  - Btrace
  - BSurfaces
  - Material Library VX
  - Is Key Free
  - Discombobulator
  - Archipack
  - Dimension
  - Align Tools
  - Auto Mirror
  - Blenderkit
  - Images as Planes
  - Archipack
  - Measureit (Thanks to @Antonioya for porting it). 
  - Rigify
  - F2
  - Ivygen
  - Node Wrangler
  - Scatter Objects
  - Add Camera Rigs
  - 3D-Coat Applink
  - 3D Print Toolbox
  - Copy Atributes Menu
  - Simplify Curves
  - Bone Selection Sets
  - Looptools
  - GLTF 2.0 Format
  - BoltFactory
  - Refine Tracking
  - Edit Linked Library
  - Collections plugin was removed, but integrated now into Blender.
  - Rock Generator (Testing)
  - Sapling Tree Gen
  - Magic UV
  - Curve Extra Objects
  - TinyCAD Mesh Tools
  - Oscurart Tools
  - Mesh Snap Utilities
  - AI / PDF / SVG Importer
  - KTX RenderSlot
  - DXF Importer/Exporter
  - A.N.T.Landscape 
  - Bool Tool 
  - Relax
  - Archimesh
  - 3d View Navigation
  - Modifier Tools
  - Turnaround Camera
  - Mesh Extra Objects
  - Geodesic Domes
  - Inset Polygon (now Inset Straight Skeleton)
  - Dynamic Context Menu
  - Import Brushset

Import Images as Planes works!


that said I’d love for F2 to be working again :sob:


This is the continuation of the wiki list in the first post which reached maximum number of characters. More information will follow. Test Test.

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Added to the list: Cuber / Creative bundle / Ice Tools

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Added to the list:
Fast Carve by jayanam (Free)


Added to the list: (See first post)

  • FishSim - Goldfish Version (Free)
  • Simple Asset Manager 2.8: (Free)
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Added to the list Fast Carve by Jayanam and removed the first addon in the list which was a shader.

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Surprise, Surprise, Archimesh in todays 2.80 build works. Added to the list.


Added to the list: OpenVDB Remesh


Added to the list:
Blender Shortcut VUr (Free, by jayanam)
With this Blender addon you can display mouse and keyboard input
(See top post for link)


Added: Addon Pie Workspaces (Free)
See top post


Group pro (yes yes!, black Friday today, I tested it and could work with it within a minute. Very intuitive , blender 2.8).

And my own Global Shader. It’s a shader making extensive use of drivers. With that you can define a colour palette globaly and settings like roughness, bump strength, metalicness, etc.

See top post for links.

Now Toonkit for Cycles support 2.8 also.


@vitorbalbio , added to the list in the first post.
Thanks, you are the first developer posting his addon here in the thread. .

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Theme Editor has supported Blender 2.8 since the release.


Thanks, I will update the first post this evening. (Having some issues with drivers for gpu’s in Windows 10 again.). Interesting, theme editor in 2.8, I will take a look. (If Microsoft allows me to use my own pc)

MACHIN3tools added, see first post.
Thanks @MACHIN3

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Hardops for 2.8 added to the list, see first post

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I’m missing some plugins on the list ported to 2.80, like:

Sketchfab importer