[Addon] Screen Layouts customizable PIE menu - kbPIEs

kbPIEs - Screen layout switcher Pie menu.

I wanted a Pie menu for switching screen layouts, but I couldn’t find one that has organized options order, so created this little addon that should help with creating your own, customized Pie.
Maybe people would find it as useful as me, enjoy.

download link (added version for blender 2.80) http://gum.co/gAzAr

github page: https://github.com/kilbee/kbPIEs
(version for 2.80 in second branch)

Little update:
Easier hotkey creation right from addon preferences and improved pie setup.

Hi @kilbee,
I don’t know how you thanks you…very good idea of customisation in Blender!
In other applications “on the fly” pie-menus are very common…

Very useful! Thanks :slight_smile:

version for Blender 2.80 added to the download


Congratulations open a multitude of possibilities. if you could locate a random item inside the blender.