Match Transforms

Pushing addon-development to a new level with my first addon, I proudly present:
Match Transforms !

It adds some buttons to the Tools/Transform panel that allow you to match the selected objects (singular or plural) tansforms (all or location, rotation, scale) to the active object (last selected).

Unzip into your addons folder and enable. (897 Bytes)

2.8 Version available in the github repo:




Thanks for the addon. Is it possible to add match property such as Material & modifier?

Definitely possible and already implemented in another addon
I just wanted the buttons :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link; it will be nicer to have a button for it.

Very nice and useful addon… thanks!

Glad you like it. I’d rather like to pick the object that I want to match like in Softimage, but it seems that isn’t possible.
But thinking about it… probably I should just remove the active object from the selection after the operation is done.

Thank you very very much!

Very useful actually, so far I had to add Copy Rotation/Copy Location constraints, apply Visual Transform to object(s) and delete constraints, and on complex scenes it can be very time-consuming and annoying; now it’s a breeze!


Glad you like it! It’s a feature I was using everyday in Softimage, and I found it quite strange that it wasn’t easily accessible in other softwarepackages…

Indeed, I also need these functions daily.

If I may advance a suggestion, I’m still missing the ability to match objects loc/rot to bones of armatures.

Thanks again,

This add-on is extremely important in my workflow. Will you update it to 2.8? I’d love it. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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Sure, initially I was hoping 2.8 has something like this built in, and then I forgot about it… I will look at it the coming days.


Thanks a lot! Excited for it!!! If you need a beta tester please let me know. <3

So it seems there is a builtin Addon “Copy Attributes Menu” that you can enable and that should do the trick.
I just took a quick look and didn’t have an idea where and how I would put the buttons for my addon in 2.8. Any suggestions are welcome…

Most add-ons use the main toolbar now, on the “Active Tool and Workspace settings” tab… They should add your “match all” option, which is really useful. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make such options for armature bones in pose mode?

I have an updated version on github now:

I’m really not into the new API yet, so the buttons show up in all modes. If someone knows how to have them visible in object-mode only, let me know…

@CYNIC78 I guess it is possible, but I won’t do it unless I need it.

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Is it possible to match modifier BUT BUT BUT as instance ? Meaning if say I reduce the subdivision in one of the object then the other one with the same modifier applied by your add-on also have its subdivision changed as well ?

You want linked/cloned modifiers…? That is something completely different than what this addon does.

It’s ok, I just want to say THANK YOU for this :smiley:

You are welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: