Fiber mesh resurrected for 2.80

Works Ok on latest build 2.80. (11.9 KB)


Looks cool. Beats billboards and bumpmaps for those quick tangles. Thank you.

thanks very much!

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Thanks for this - I hope to also read more of how you fixed things so I can try my hand at some of the other add-ons

Do you have a link for the prior non-2.8 version?

The way I go about it is simple. I start with the classes and the registrations . If it throws an error when enabled then I try to make sense of the error . I have open both python consoles of 2.79 and 2.80 and start comparing the bpy changes there, If I can’t find nothing there then I search the source code although so far I had to search the source code only once .


Here you go (11.8 KB)

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thank you. This addon is a lot of help.

Interesting and useful addon! Thanks for creating it.

Some feedback:

1- It would be great if we can restrict random thickness value something in between (such as 0.5-1). Right now I think it starts to create from 0 that causes too much thin cables which may not be desirable in my opinion.

2- Also I couldn’t understand Sub Steps value. From the description I was thinking if I increase it, cables wouldn’t intersect each other but It doesn’t change anything. Could you explain it further?

3- Maybe height offset could accept negative values? (So that we can offset it inwards if needed)


Thank you!

sorry if I ask a noob question. I installed it on 2.79, activate it in addon tab. but how to use it?

Look at the first post :wink:
Basically you select an object --> Properties panel --> Object --> Bounce Fibers --> Press the rename button to activate it, it needs to be named as fiber_ - you can rename it manually

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thank you very much !

very interesting addon, thank you a lot, meanwhile i hope you improve the addon in future.

Thanks for the update!! :ok_hand:

just a note that this addon is in the add curve extra objects addon in 2.8 with more features

Oh, nice, just tested, for any who might wonder, you can find it under “Bounce Spline”.

Thanks for the updating of this usefull thing

Can you use small fibers with this script

Does not work anymore for some reason. The rename of the objects button works, but if you click on the “use selection” fibers don’t appear.