Fiber mesh resurrected for 2.80



Works Ok on latest build 2.80. (11.9 KB)

List of addons that work with 2.8
(Dweomer) #2

Looks cool. Beats billboards and bumpmaps for those quick tangles. Thank you.

(Meta-Androcto) #3

thanks very much!

(Craig Jones) #4

Thanks for this - I hope to also read more of how you fixed things so I can try my hand at some of the other add-ons

(cadaei) #5

Do you have a link for the prior non-2.8 version?


The way I go about it is simple. I start with the classes and the registrations . If it throws an error when enabled then I try to make sense of the error . I have open both python consoles of 2.79 and 2.80 and start comparing the bpy changes there, If I can’t find nothing there then I search the source code although so far I had to search the source code only once .


Here you go (11.8 KB)

(uruburei) #8

thank you. This addon is a lot of help.

(Emir Sinan Gürlek) #9

Interesting and useful addon! Thanks for creating it.

Some feedback:

1- It would be great if we can restrict random thickness value something in between (such as 0.5-1). Right now I think it starts to create from 0 that causes too much thin cables which may not be desirable in my opinion.

2- Also I couldn’t understand Sub Steps value. From the description I was thinking if I increase it, cables wouldn’t intersect each other but It doesn’t change anything. Could you explain it further?

3- Maybe height offset could accept negative values? (So that we can offset it inwards if needed)

(cadaei) #10

Thank you!


sorry if I ask a noob question. I installed it on 2.79, activate it in addon tab. but how to use it?


Look at the first post :wink:
Basically you select an object --> Properties panel --> Object --> Bounce Fibers --> Press the rename button to activate it, it needs to be named as fiber_ - you can rename it manually


thank you very much !

(qomolangma) #14

very interesting addon, thank you a lot, meanwhile i hope you improve the addon in future.