Bake to Vertex Color - Transfer Image Data to Vertex Color


  • load an image into blender
  • Load/Update the Image List
  • select the image
  • select object(s) (works on all selected objects)
  • select uv map
  • select vertex color to overwrite (if object has no vertex color, a new one will be added)
  • click “Transfer to Vertex Color”

It can be found it in the Shader Editor Toolbar.

It’s slow for objects with high vertex count and/or high resolution images!

The word “bake” is an exaggeration! :grin:


updates 0.0.3 to 0.0.5:

  • improved performance for large images
  • fixed: not loading pixels before object loop
  • overwrite option
  • proper image list

update 0.0.6:

  • sample radius option
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update 0.0.7:

  • circle sample shape option

Here is a comparison between the two shapes and several radii of a 512x512 image transferred on a plane with 7225 vertices.
The first two with a radius of 1 pixel give - obviously - equal results.

update 0.0.8:

  • fixed not working for multiple objects

It looks interesting, what practical use can it have?

Some games use vertex colors to get smooth looking color gradients on lowpoly objects. This is for the looks on one side and performance on the other without having pixels showing or using high res textures.
Some game devs prefer to paint textures and colorize UV Maps in Gimp or similar instead of painting vertex directly. You need to transfer the data from pixel to vertex. Blender 2.79 and several versions below had that feature, but it’s missing in 2.8+.
This was asked in the help section here. I was learning how to write add-ons for blender. So I gave it a try. End of Story. :grin:


That’s cool :slight_smile:

I am trying to transfer an image (texture) data to Vertex color of an object (after changing the image in GIMP tool). I am now using Blender v2.93 Alpha …

There’s a discussion thread on this that suggested a solution in link below but I just could not find the last instruction " * click “Transfer to Vertex Color”. it sounded like it should be in the Shader Editor toolbar but I really can’t find it.

See my screen shot … am I doing right …
Can someone advise where is this “Transfer to Vertex Color” option is ?

hi … got the answer. I didn’t read carefully on the thread … … just needed to install an addon to get this feature.

Perfect bridge between blender and substance painter via vertex color
Thank You for the addon!

This was a great add-on, but sadly has been more or less broken since 3.0

Is @DanielEngler around still, by any chance?

If I’m not mistaken the feature has been available in vanilla Blender for some time,

Possibly, but this add-on provides a much nicer UX (something the Blender developers themselves sadly seldom care about)…