Mesh Heal


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I made this add-on for Blender which contains additional operators for healing surface meshes. By default, Blender contains many routines that are meant for these tasks. Unfortunately, Blender’s default routines don’t always produce good results in some difficult cases. Specifically, I run into problems when I was trying to convert non-manifold isosurfaces into manifold surfaces with consistent face normals appropriate for volumetric rendering.

Here are some visual examples of what the add-on does, copy-pasted from add-on documentation, updated:

Sew mesh:

Fill holes (Sharp):

MH Recalc Norms:

Clean and Patch:

The add-on is available here:

Comments are welcome!


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(calembendell) #2

This looks amazing! Looking forward to using it very soon . Was this done as part of a research effort?

(kalish) #3

Nice addon,it will help our workflows a lot. Thank you for sharing with us!

(PolyGreen) #4

hey this looks really solid man. Will try it out tomorrow, thanks!

(STart) #5

Thank you for good addon

(tkeskita) #6

Thanks all for comments so far!

@calembendell: Not really research (though could be, there’s some room for algorithm development!). I have some background in numerical methods and simulations, but in Blender I’m mostly interested in 3D mesh modelling and mesh conversions.

(urkokul) #7

Thanks a lot for this usefull addon

(tkeskita) #8

FYI: I’ve updated the add-on for Blender 2.80 (master branch). Version for Blender 2.79 is available in blender2.7 branch. Available at: