[Release Addon] Set Precise Mesh /CAD Add-on

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Github page https://github.com/rovh/Set-Precise-Mesh

I am sure that there will be some users who will find this add-on useful. This add-on is made for precise modeling.

Right now “Set Precise Mesh” allows users to:

  • Set Angle – set exact values of the angle between three vertexes
  • Set Length – set the exact length of the edge or length between selected elements(vertices/edges/faces).
  • Set Area – set area of the face/faces.
  • and has extra features for it.
  • Set Mesh Position
  • Set the Cursor to the normal

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Thank you. I’ll try this.

This add-on, for me, is a perfect complement to Set Dimensions.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for this great addon. it works beautifully but only on meters. Too bad I only use imperial

I heard you. Try add-on again, I made changes to the code and it should now work in the imperial system. Please write, it works or not?

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hello suggestion if i set to other unit like cm or mm ( blender Units )
the addon will also be set to desired unit


also suggestion when i enter like cm or mm it does not work i hope theres a function

thank you for creating this addon

Saw you on Right Click.
Very nice addon!
Definitely must have for CAD/Architect modelers.
I have one suggestion for Set Length: add checkbox “Invert direction” below “Use two directions”.
And 2.54m, 2.54cm, 2.54mm, 2.54inch, 2.54feet - it rounded to 2.5 in Length field (256.54 mm - rounded to 257 mm; 2.06m - rounded to 2.1m, it just a visually, maybe it’s a Blender mechanics as I noticed below).

And for note, see this Dimension and Rotation units rounding
it’s not a bug but a very huge inconvenient for CAD users…
I suggested this on devtalk https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blender-ui-paper-cuts/2596/4016?u=apec
but how long it takes if at all it will be noticed…

Wow now it works with imperial units too. Thank you for this must have addon awesome work

Warning: this is only about the VISUAL PART.
I heard you. I made changes to the code. I could not get rid of rounding numbers, but I tried to minimize rounding to a minimum. I set the accuracy parameter to 6 (as I understand it, this is the maximum that Blender can do). The maximum value that Blender can display will be six digits. If the value is greater than 6, Blender will round this number.
Now if you enter the number 2.54, then it will not round as it was before.
Please write, does it works or not?

Also thank you for your comment!


Yes, it’s good now.
Found one strange behavior when object origin is not in 0 0 0 coordinates.
I think it need to note that object Origin must be in 0 0 0 coordinates and 0 0 0 rotation to proper use addon.

I recently made changes to the code. Try add-on again. If you enter units of measure next to a number, then the number should be converted to that unit of measure.
Thanks for comment!

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Thanks for your comment.

Add-on only checked the object Transformation: if the transformation was set incorrectly, an error screen was displayed. But I added another check: now if the Delta Transformations are incorrect, the extension outputs an error.

If you set the wrong values (different from those that have a default cube) in the transformation of the object or in the delta transformation (Properties Editor > Object Properties > Transform and Delta Transform), then add-on displays an error.

You get an error if values are incorrect? Is it a good note?

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Yes, thanks!

[Add-on Update] Set Precise Mesh 1.0.1

  • In this release, you no longer need to set the position of the object in a certain place to correctly set the length or angle, i.e., object transform and object delta transform do not affect the setting of the angle and length of the edge.
  • Removed the old warning panels for the transformer and added a new warning panel with the ability to disable it. This panel is triggered if the scale parameters are incorrect.
  • Added new warnings if something is wrong.

Work fine, but I think it should change length to last selected vertex cos it become active, but if it will be checkbox with reverse direction, it will be fine.

In preferences for Add-on you can change default direction
Set Precise Mesh 1.0.2 /CAD

  • Was added a preferences panel for the Add-on
  • Now “Change adjacent edge” mode supports quad faces (You need to select 4 vertices)
  • Properties panel will not show up then you start use the add-on
  • Added a Pop-up menu ( You can find it in the add-on preferences )
  • You can change default direction for “Set Length”. The last selected vertex (active vertex) will change edge length, i.e. last selected vertex will be moved or the first selected vertex will change edge length, i.e. first selected vertex will be moved
  • You can globally disable Warning Panel (It will not show up even if you create a new Blender file)

Link to [Release Add-on] conversation - Set Precise Mesh 1.1.0 /CAD

  • Added the ability to simulate a third vertex for an angle
  • Some UI Changes
  • Added operator “Set Cursor to normal face”
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hello another suggestion ,
if i click set length / distance it will set the distance
if i click again length / distance button again it will undo the operator and invert set length direction

so this way if i get wrong reorder of slection of vertex i just need to press the button again

Link to [Release Add-on] conversation - Set Precise Mesh 1.1.1 / CAD

  • Added ability to add value for Set Angle and Set Length
  • Added new input method “Advanced input”
  • Now the “Set the Cursor to the normal” operator works in all editing modes for vertices, edges, faces.
  • Some UI changes
  • Added Pop up menu for “Set Angle” and “Set Length”
  • Added offset for some pop up menus
  • Added new warnings

this is awesome. i love it already. such a simple tool but brings so much quality of life improvements to a modeller who’s used to measuring things.

edit: the pop up menu as a shortcut is crazy good.