Wire Frame Color Tools

Since colored wire frames are now in Blender 2.80 here is an Addon that can do a couple of things:

  • select a multiple objects and give them a random color
  • select multiple objects and give all of them the same color
  • select multiple objects and give them a random range of colors
  • change wire color to Viewport Display color in Material

The last one is useful if you want to differentiate between groups of objects but also among each other.
For example you might want all plants to be green. But you dont want all plants to be the same type of green but different shades of green.

Here is a short video explaining it:



Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing!
Would it be possible for Wireframe to automatically take the corresponding Viewport Display color of material Tab in selected objects?
I think that this should be an official feature, but in the meantime it would be nice to be able to achieve that from addon.

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Do I understand correctly:

  • select object
  • chose viewport display color for example blue
  • wireframe of object is now blue

This is how it works now. The viewport display color ( technically called the object color) is used as the wireframe color.
Or at least a derivative of it. The way Clement implemented colored wires in the source code the color is changed depending on whether the object is selected or not. If the object is selected it is brighter and if it is not selected it is darker.
I have no influence on this with Python because that is a method defined in the C source code.

[edit]Arr… brainfart. I just read you post again and saw that you meant in the material panel.
It should be relatively easy to do that with a button in the object panel. If the user presses the button the script would check what the material display color is and change it accordingly.
If an object has more than one material it would need to autmatically chose one of the materials, though which means that probably the first material would be used.

It would probably be more complicated to implement a method that would automatically change the wire color if the user changes the material display color.

Added the option to get the material viewport display:


Gets color from here:


great, thanks!

I had not thought about it… Yes, first material could be a good choice

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