Screencast keys status tool

hi Nutti,
this is the current updated version of screencast:



Could you apply it to the Sequencer window?

This is already implemented in my version.
You can choose display space before starting.

Here is the example.



Thanks for your information.
I will contact him about this attempt.


Hey Nutti, so glad to see yet another Screensast Keys savior here. :slight_smile: It is really nice that it supports selectable area display. Some discussions:

  1. When double clicking some keys, for example R or G, it will not display Rx2 or Gx2, which is expected. And when double clicking keys like mouse keys, it displays like LMB x3, instead of X2.

  2. It would be nice that the HUD will not be displayed on new area until mouse or key press behavior happened there. This seems important when tweaking values, sliders, buttons or color pickers that are near the border. For example, when dragging on a value like the X Location in N panel, it will be finally displayed on the neighbour areas.

  3. It will be even cool to support customizable “Elapsed Time” text, sometimes people want to write a short comment there (even with non-english languages).

  4. Allow setting locations for Time display, mainly because it will possibly conflict with the slider on some areas, like this:


Thanks again for the great enhancement!



I re-based this feature on newest version.
(This is also temporal place to put this code)

And I also uploaded tutorial video.

I hope you like this.

@Leon Cheung

Thanks for your suggestion.
Before this discussion, I want to agree with original author to merge this feature.

If this attempt is accepted by original author, I will tackle your great requests.

That’s cool Nutti! And anyway I think you can add the github link to your signature for easy tracking by ppl, just my two cents.:slight_smile:

My version is merged into chromoly’s repository.
You can use this feature from below link.

That’s really great! Thank you very very much for the contribution Nutti!

Great tool, but I don’t see it into Blender version 2.78 RC2. Why?

Hey, Nutti, I just wanted to say I really like your contributions to this add-on! I especially like how you can select “Current Space” as the display space. Thanks for your excellent work! :slight_smile:


Good job. Thanks

ooh nice, I thought that the addon couldn’t do text over the VSE. This is great. I wish though that I could make it ignore typing in the text editor window. Its annoying to see everything I type repeated in 3D view, but its a pain to go and turn it off while recording a tutorial.

Thanks nutti and everyone for this tool :slight_smile:

Originally Posted by Nutti
My version is merged into chromoly’s repository.
You can use this feature from below link.

Meta I get a 404 error when clicking in that link.
it’s in there, however i’m tiring of people still looking for this addon so may very well put it into 2.79 release.

Hooray!!! :smiley:

It really is helpful when making those tutorials

I got this error when I tried to enable it, after placing the files in the AppData directory.

Should this addon be assumed dead?

Hi, there.

CTools has the newest and most powerful modification to Screencast Keys.
However CTools has already stopped the development recently.

Screencast Keys add-on is useful for making tutorial, so I ported Screencast Keys add-on from CTools.

Screencast Keys use deprecated “bgl” module, so we can not use it no longer after Blender 2.8 will be released. So, I will also tackle to support Blender 2.8 as well.

Currently, Blender 2.8 does not show final Python API specification. I will tackle to this project when Python API sepecification is released.


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Screencast Keys now supports Blender 2.8.

Tutorial Video:

You can also use this add-on in Blender 2.7x.
And comments and requests are welcomed.
Hope you like it.