Spindle: Render Manager & Frame Batcher for Blender 2.8

What is Spindle?

Spindle is an addon for Blender 2.8 that handles the task of rendering multiple cameras with custom settings from one panel. Batch Render still frames and animations selectively from any number of cameras in your scene with one push of a button!

Spindle functionality can be accessed from Spindle panel in Output tab.

Spindle v1.0.0 Features

  • Multiple Cameras: Render as many cameras as you want and save the results automatically.
  • Viewport Render: Support for both full render and viewport (OpenGL) render methods.
  • Per-Camera Settings: Choose between still frame and animation for each camera independently.
  • Per-Camera Output Resolution: Customize render resolution for each rendered camera or use scene settings.
  • Custom Ranges: Customize which frame/frame range to render for still camera and animations.
  • Render Queue Order: Easily enable, disable and move cameras up and down the render queue.

Per Camera Settings:

Scene Settings Overrides:


Rendering cameras in a queue, if only I had that a few days ago… haha!
Looks like a great add-on!

Hey thanks!

Yeah, I know how it feels!! I started working on this addon first when I had to render multiple long eevee animation sequences for a project I was working on. It was on a tight schedule and I needed to do it as a viewport render. Ended up writing a very basic script which turned later to this addon.


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