Spindle: Render Manager & Frame Batcher for Blender 2.8

Great News! Blender 2.81 is out :fireworks: and Spindle is updated to work with it.

1.0.1: Updated to work with 2.81 API changes

What is Spindle?

Spindle is an addon for Blender 2.8 that handles the task of rendering multiple cameras with custom settings from one panel. Batch Render still frames and animations selectively from any number of cameras in your scene with one push of a button!

Spindle functionality can be accessed from Spindle panel in Output tab.

Spindle v1.0.0 Features

  • Multiple Cameras: Render as many cameras as you want and save the results automatically.
  • Viewport Render: Support for both full render and viewport (OpenGL) render methods.
  • Per-Camera Settings: Choose between still frame and animation for each camera independently.
  • Per-Camera Output Resolution: Customize render resolution for each rendered camera or use scene settings.
  • Custom Ranges: Customize which frame/frame range to render for still camera and animations.
  • Render Queue Order: Easily enable, disable and move cameras up and down the render queue.

Quick Video Preview:

Per Camera Settings:

Scene Settings Overrides:


Rendering cameras in a queue, if only I had that a few days ago… haha!
Looks like a great add-on!

Hey thanks!

Yeah, I know how it feels!! I started working on this addon first when I had to render multiple long eevee animation sequences for a project I was working on. It was on a tight schedule and I needed to do it as a viewport render. Ended up writing a very basic script which turned later to this addon.


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Spindle is updated.
Version 1.0.1: Updated to work with Blender 2.81 API changes.

Check out this short video preview for Spindle in Action:

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Black Friday Sale…
Spindle is 50% off today!


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thx for the Black Friday Sale… nice.

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You are welcome!
I hope people find it useful and worth it.


Spindle is 50% off today in ArtStation’s Cyber Monday! Make sure to use the marketplace link to get the discount.

i like this batch render concept with multi resolution.
just purchased an copy, good luck man

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Also, why not the blender market ?

Thank you for your support. I hope you find the addon useful for you.

Your feedback is appreciated; Let me know if you have any!

As for Blender Market, I would love to add it there but the payment logistics is more suitable for me on ArtStation marketplace. Unfortunately, they only use Paypal payments which is not the best option for the country I live in at the moment (among many other countries AFAIK, if I might add!). I hope they add more options sometime soon, I suppose it will encourage more people who need/prefer other payment options to use it.

Also don’t forget to check out my other free small addon: Camera Switcher, it creates a simple camera list menu on pressing (ALT + `) keys to choose a active camera and set it as active in the view port quickly (a bit similar to 3ds Max’s camera menu (c key) if you’re familiar with that)


artstation has the worst licence preview. Would have to copy and paste it in a document that reads paragraph breaks. It is transparent over site view. Yes, I do check them, especially when it says a “Custom EULA” of GNU etc.

Sure, you should always check the license. I’m not sure what you mean by being transparent over site view. It looks like this for me:

Does it look different to you? Forgive me if I misunderstood your statement.

The layout is a bit narrow but I don’t find it that bad personally, it seems to be a standard 80 columns wide layout but doesn’t look as good as it does in fixed-width fonts… Still passable for me, but your mileage may vary of course.

Anyways, Spindle and Camera Switcher are both licensed under GPL Version 3, unmodified.
Full license text here, verbatim.


I see now what you mean. The text looks correct as I showed in the screen shot as long as you view it on the marketplace domain
i.e. https://www.artstation.com/osamaarafa/store/zbDJ/spindle-render-batcher-for-blender-2-8
But for some odd reason, it doesn’t show correctly if you use this link:

I updated the link at the top of this thread to show the good version and I’ll try to contact them to let them know about it.

Does your addon makes it possible to render an animation with cycles without the pre-processing phase between each frame that you have for each frame when rendering an anim in cycles?

I would love to be able to keep the geometry and textures loaded between frames as only the camera changes position., like you have when you change the angle of view in the rendered viewport.

Hey there!
Sorry I, somehow, missed your question, been busy lately…
Anyway in case the answer still has value to you or anyone else: the addon doesn’t change in any way how cycles processes geometry. Render batching works the same as if you manually switch the active camera and start a render.