List of addons that work with 2.8


(Peetie) #23

Thanks, all help is welcome completing the list.
Added Sketchfab importer and Blenderkit addon.
See first port

(Peetie) #24

Added Boxcutter (paid) see top-post

(maraCZ) #25

I recently updated the Floorboard generator so that it works with Blender 2.80.

(dimitribastos) #26

3dcoat app-link also works.

(Peetie) #27

@maraCZ, thanks, Floorboard-generator added to the list in first post.
@dimitribastos Is that a build in add, if not where can we download it?

(Peetie) #28

Sverchok prerelease master added, see first post

(Peetie) #29

Added: Floorboard generator, see top-post

(Peetie) #30

Added: Sure UVW Map, see top-post for complete list

(Crazy) #31

Context Browser just got an update for 2.8: Context Browser 1.1.0

So did Texel Density: Texel Density Checker 1.0.8 [UPDATE 08.11.18] [2.8 Support]

(Peetie) #32

Thanks, added Context Browser and Texel Density Checker to the list in the first post.

(AFWS) #33

@Peetie can you make these into two categories in first post? Free and Paid. That way they are not mixed up.

(Peetie) #34

@AFWS I wil think about the best way how to do that. For example there is the BlenderKit addon with Free/Standard/Pro, then there are Free and Free/Fair price.

(BlenderKit) #35

you can add us too :slight_smile: Our addon works, however it is very often updated since there are still changes in the API happening.

Well I should read before writing. Thanks for adding our addon :slight_smile:

(Peetie) #36

Addon Called projectile added to list in top-post.
Set initial velocities for rigid body physics.

(Peetie) #37

Added Material Bakery on place 20
(there was a duplicate of floorboard generator in the list).

You can bake materials in 2.8 with cycles.
Tried it once, works well, but I had to use CPU because GPU gafe Cuda error in that case.

(nBurn) #38

Are you sure you didn’t mean Archipack? I’m still seeing “upgrade to 2.8x required” for Archimesh.

And for an add-on update, MeasureIt now works with 2.80. All credit for the update goes to @Antonioya.

(Peetie) #39

Thanks, I place it under number 8 which is the build in addons.
How did I come to Archimesh? Ah, that was the other addon, I remember. :smiley:

(Peetie) #40

Added Bligify (to render gifs in VSE), see top-post

(Nosslak) #41

Benjamin Sauder has published a new version of the setflow tool that can be found here:

(Peetie) #42

@Nosslak , thanks! Added to the list in first post.