Simple Box UVW Map Modifier

added link to file here:


I revised/refactored this script for 2.79+ and added to Magic UV.

I would like to say thank you to the original author (@hp9000) for permitting to include this add-on to Magic UV.

Does this work with cycles render? Or only blender render.

2_8 Beta is out.

It would be nice to have it updated for 2_8.
For architectural mapping it is absolutely necessary.


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It is great add-on nad yes I am looking forward till it’s updated to 2.8! On the other hand I would love to see this as a real inbuild modifier that could be applied even on specific faces with working box/sphere/cylinder gizmo etc. Might be some day it is gonna be done by devs, that would be great :slight_smile: .

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Me too for a new&updated version.

finger-crossed this will happen!

I have made some adaptation for Blender 2.80
It sill has Planar UV error.
But Box UV works fine.

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Very well, but i cannot install it.

Original file has 14 kB has 190 kB now
it is OK ?


Mine is 13.8kb. Right click on raw and save as file.

Thanks, works,
but where is numerical input now in 2_8?
Scale, nove …
I doesnt see it nowhere

That’s absolutely great that you’re developing the addon further.
Thank you very much.

Updated to version 0.6.3
Planar works now but still problem with drawing TOOL_PROPS for parameters.

I renamed whole project to UV-Tools

In contains Sure UVW Map and Lightmap Auto UV addons

Now it works fine with Blender 2.80 and operators are accessible from 3D View -> N-panel -> UV


All work, I couldn’t live without it. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I have not see this post recently.
I’m now tackling to port whole features in Magic UV (includes UVW Mapping) for Blender 2.8.

And just now, I finished to port UVW Map feature to Blender 2.8.
You can try it by downloading newest Magic UV on master branch.

I also tackling to the other features as well as UVW.

You can see the procedure from below issue.



What is the bl280 version, i dont see a clear branch for that?
The packed version in 2.80 user_preferences error, that has been changes about 1 month ago.
I just download dev branch and still see that error

File "/Applications/blender-2.80.0-git20190109.3c3d80ea22af-x86_64/", line 110, in register
    if bpy.context.user_preferences.addons['uv_magic_uv'].preferences.enable_builtin_menu:
AttributeError: '_RestrictContext' object has no attribute 'user_preferences'

This needs to be like this:
if bpy.context.preferences.addons

so user_preferences is now preferences

PS why do you let it print all that info when blender starts?

Another thing i dont get, in the addon it states 6.0.0 but above it states 0.5.2, why not keep this inline?

Why do you add a comma in file names, that is not proper naming. you dont need to add bl,290 just skip that part. If you dont have a 2.79 version than naming it without is better.

Also its sometimes cleaner to put all kind of other files in your wiki page. Than make a repo for that and upload image and stuff to their. You can than use those links to paste them in you anc other files. This way you repo stays clean and small

Also that archive folder should not be there. Its better to make a structured folder on say an USB drive and than do you archiving there.

Ive attached an image how i made a structure which works quite well. I also had issues how i would maintain the gitHub local fodler properly. I now use a folder in the addon which is named gitHub, this is my work folder for sourcetree. Than the wiki folder is also an repo this is where i upload my preview images.

I use releases which also has its own folder, this contains all the zips i make with each update. It only contains the, and py files

When you keep you folder clear and use the main folder in github. Than the user does not need to rename the folder, which sometimes happens.


PS i thought these tools were one addon. They all separate?

None of them show by the way, so you need to do manual install. I think you should eiter make separate repo’s or state info on how to handle this.

Never really understood that last point #3 Use addon buttons???

PS should the UVW box offset also offset in Y-axis? When i try this simple cube doesnt seem to work properly, only when i adjust them one by one.

Another point why is there a Z-axis? UV is only U and V thus X and Y?

ahh its for the 3d view, yet when i do Y, i believe the middle one, it also moves a plane on top. When i do X it also moves the plane on top. But thinking about that would be correct as it seems to be linked to the 3d view.
I would suggest to add Axis names as a label or show the prop name. It is clear, sort of, that from top to bottom is XYZ but not everybody will get that i think.

PS why not use aspect ratio on all axis? Now it only works on Y-axis in the UV editor

Sorry I did not notice your reply.
This bug is already fixed.

Addon Sure UV 0.6.0 (updated for Blender 2.8 support)
Original post was also updated.

Link to my version:
sureuv.zipv.0.6.0 for Blender 2.8