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Blender Interplanety Storage (BIS) – online material library add-on for Blender.

BIS – the online materials (shaders) storage add-on for Blender 3D creation. With the BIS add-on, you can save materials (groups of nodes) to the online personal library and then convenient search and use them in your blender projects. Saved materials are available from any computer through the add-on installed in Blender.

Add-on web page:

BIS site:

BIS is available for both Blender 2.7 and 2.8.

Current version: 1.6.0. (for Blender 2.8) / 1.5.3. (for Blender 2.7)

Simple manual: How to start using BIS

Quick guide:

  • sign up on BIS site
  • download and install the add-on
  • In Blender: Node Editor window - T-panel - BIS tab
  • sign in with the created account
  • select node group
  • press “Add node group to BIS”
  • manage saved materials previews through the BIS site

To get saved material in any other Blender project:

  • In Blender: Node Editor window - T-panel - BIS tab
  • press “Search in BIS”
  • select saved node group preview to create it in the Node Editor in 0,0

Tested in Blender: 2.7, 2.8

Video tutorials:

  • Texturing/shading materials of the Christmas scene with the BIS library.

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Maybe the early access to the add-on, which is only on developer stage is not a good idea, but I have some questions.
I wrote some thoughts here:

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v 1.0.0 - Release!

  • The server part of the storage has been put in order.
  • The external and internal design of the BIS website is finished.
  • Fixed and corrected some add-on code.
  • Updated the BIS description page.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs and errors.

(Korchy) #4

Tested in new Blender 2.79.
The new Principled BSDF shader supported.

(Korchy) #5

v. 1.1.0.

  • Added preveiws autogeneration for procedural material

(Korchy) #6

Add-on updated to v.1.1.1.

  • Added labels to preview images
  • Fixed some bugs with “Frame” and “Reroute” nodes

(Korchy) #7

Add-on updated to v. 1.2.0.

  • The node group storage divided into three separate node group storages by types: Shader, Compositing, World.

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You should call it
Great work. Probably the best way to get people to make materials for you haha :grinning:

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BIS is the personal storage. No one, including myself, has access to other people’s materials.

(Korchy) #10

Add-on updated to v. 1.3.0.

  • Added the “Open storage” section.

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Thank you for sharing this addon.

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Welcome! )

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Simple manual: How to start using BIS

(Korchy) #14

Continue writing manual: BIS: saving materials to the storage

(Korchy) #15

The third part of the simplemanual: BIS: the Open storage

(Korchy) #16

BIS: Scene for creating material previews

(Korchy) #17

Add-on updated to 1.3.4

  • Checked all compositing nodes, provided proper work with compositing node trees.

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It’s amazing

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Thank you!

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Tiling the procedural texture with random rotation along a z-axis