BIS - online material storage


(Korchy) #21

Update to v. 1.3.5

  • Fixed some issues with nodes from future Blender versions.

(Korchy) #22

Update to v.1.3.6.

  • Fixed some issues with saving Script nodes.

(Korchy) #23

There are more than 300 public materials in the BIS library now.

(Korchy) #24

Updated to v.1.4.0.

  • Added “update” functionality for node groups and texts.

(Korchy) #25

Updated to v. 1.4.1.

  • Added “prev” and “next” page button for “pro” accounts.
  • “Page” structure changes on the BIS server-side.

(Korchy) #26

Updated to v. 1.4.2

  • Some internal technical changes in saving nodes format (connecting links by inputs/outputs identifier)
  • Added saved node groups version control

(Korchy) #27

Updated to v. 1.5.0.

  • A new storage type for objects (meshes) is added. Not only materials but also the models can be saved and shared in the BIS now.

(Korchy) #28

Simplemanual about meshes

(Korchy) #29

Preview for meshes auto-generation

(Korchy) #30

Updated to v. 1.5.1.

  • The “search” field is hidden for regular accounts, it is still not used (the active palette is filling through the BIS website).

(Korchy) #31

The BIS administration congratulates all the library users with Merry Christmas and New Year Holiday!

Each registered user is provided with a “pro” account for 14 days.

(Korchy) #32

Texturing/shading materials of the Christmas scene with the BIS library.

(Korchy) #33

Using the BIS library with Pro- account

Texturing/shading materials in the Christmas scene with the BIS library having pro- account.

The main advantage of the BIS pro- account: you don’t need to switch to the BIS website to get active materials, all materials can be download directly from Blender.

(Korchy) #34

Now the BIS materials library for Blender has its own Patreon page.
If you want to support the project, you can do it there.

(Korchy) #35

Simplemanual about pro- account

(Korchy) #36

Updated to v. 1.5.2.

  • Added “Tools” subpanel for Node editor.
  • Added the ability to create the basic types of inputs/outputs in node groups.

(Korchy) #37

BIS add-on for Blender 2.8