BIS - online material storage


(Korchy) #21

Update to v. 1.3.5

  • Fixed some issues with nodes from future Blender versions.

(Korchy) #22

Update to v.1.3.6.

  • Fixed some issues with saving Script nodes.

(Korchy) #23

There are more than 300 public materials in the BIS library now.

(Korchy) #24

Updated to v.1.4.0.

  • Added “update” functionality for node groups and texts.

(Korchy) #25

Updated to v. 1.4.1.

  • Added “prev” and “next” page button for “pro” accounts.
  • “Page” structure changes on the BIS server-side.

(Korchy) #26

Updated to v. 1.4.2

  • Some internal technical changes in saving nodes format (connecting links by inputs/outputs identifier)
  • Added saved node groups version control