[Addon] Brekel Kinect Pro Face 2

Here’s an add-on IO wrote that simplifies working with Brekel Kinect Pro Face 2. The add-on creates drivers for face mesh shape-keys so that they are driven by an imported Brekel Face Pro 2 BVH file. See the comments at the top of the add-on for details on downloading, installing, and using the add-on.

Here’s the link to the add-on hosted at GitHub:

I now have two add-ons supporting markless facial motion capture with Blender and Brekel Kinect Face Pro 2.

In addition to the add-on I announced a few months ago supporting Brekel Kinect Face Pro 2 BVH exports in Blender, I’ve also created a new add-on supporting FBX exports in Blender. To help understand how these add-ons work I’ve created new YouTube tutorials explaining how to use each add-on. The tutorials explain how to download, install, and use each add-on.

, BVH add-on

, FBX add-on