[Addon] Camera matching add-on for modeling based on photographs

Hello everyone,

I’ve just put together an add-on called blam, the Blender camera calibration toolkit, that automatically aligns the Blender camera to match photographs based on user defined line segments.

More information, including videos, can be found here.

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Looks very interesting. I’ll certainly be trying it out.

Tried it, and it is very, very cool.

Wow! This is brilliant :slight_smile:

Thanks stuffmatic


This is totally beast!!!

Stuffmatic, great stuff!
The videos are looking yummy!

I Cant Get Is to work properly

Thanks everyone! I would love to see what you can create using blam.

@dfwlucas What problems are you having?

I get this error message stuffmatic, when i press the reconstruct 3d button.
My blender version is 2.61 R43431

@tungee That could be a problem with your input mesh. Make sure it has only quad faces, no duplicate vertices and that the normals are “consistent”, i.e all on the outside or all on the inside. Adding checks for this in the script is on my list. Let me know if that fixed your problem.

Followed the tipps on the issue page of code for reconstruction. So removed the gabel triangles of example house - it even worked if the bottom face normals were inside in opposite to outside normals of rest of house mesh. But i am using Version 2.61 revision 42615 without the changes. My difficulties are more holding Strg + D and placing the strokes right. And i had the feeling one must set all grease layers to it respecting axis even if default setting will be used, x at first (internally 0) in my case.

OMG that is just soooo awesome. It seems like just recently this was a sigraph tech demo. So cool thankyou! Especially love the reconstruction stuff.

Ho Amazing year 2012??? Shader tool, 3D cursor Enhanced, Stored view, Automatic UV Projection and now BLAM!

And The Winner Is…??? :o :o :o :o :o


But I am disappointed by the silence of Chromoly because his work was also exceptional, especially its addons: “Local Grid Menu” and “Ruler” stoped at Blender v2.56a…:eek:

NB: 5D == 3D + Animation + RealTime of Course!

I just committed a new version of blam that should also work for recent Blender revisions and be less sensitive to the topology of the input mesh (properly ignoring triangles and edges that are not part of faces).

@tungee This should hopefully solve the crash you reported.

Thanks again everyone

Thanks stuffmatic, looks really useful, will give it a try

i treid to download script but get on an unsafe page from microsoft which does not let me go there
cause too unsafe !

is there another place where we can download this script ?


This is fantastic news and just what I’m looking for. Can’t wait to try it tonight. (Well, obviously I can wait I just don’t want to).

this is the addon of 2012. BOOM.

best presented add-on ever :slight_smile: and usefull one also. I was wondering if camera tracking could do this but it [seems it] can’t from just 1 frame. so thanks again for making it easy to mix photo and cgi.