[Addon Collections] MKB Blender Setup

…!!!..Blender Version 2.74 > 2.76b…!!!..

This is are setup collections with different uncommercial addons from allover.

-> MetaTools ()
-> SFC Retopo (2.76b)
-> UV Image Tool
-> BBox Origin Setup
-> Color Theme (WIP)
-> Function to Header
-> Setup Modifier Stack
-> with Pie Menus (WIP)
-> Older Stuff

There comes many addon with metatool and scf-retopo, but they all changed a bit.
example: i hide their own panels.

SFC Retopo and MetaTools use some same addons. Please install only one of them.

Keep this in mind when you want to install a newer version of an single addon.
Or they may overwrite each other.

Blender 2.74/2.75/2.76 > all Setups in one Zip

Blender 2.76b > only SFC Retopo

eg: Panel for MetaTool

Have Fun and tweek it like you need

Here are the links to the older Thread:

SFC Retopo (Surface Constraint Tools / UMDEE)

UV Image Tools

BBox Origin Setup

Cool !! I saw the Addon MetaTools and is very practical and organized. A great addon.

I had a problem in edit mode when I clicked on SnapLine. The blender crashed.

It must be very hard to take care of so many Addons. So I edited the edit_snap_utilities.py ". Replace the original for this and the problem will be solved :slight_smile:


edit_snap_utilities.zip (6.19 KB)

thx Mano-Wii!

Because of the properties in the preference your addon need an exclusive install registration.
It must be install as first. Then it works perfect.

I replace the old one…

Update#01 > fix snapline crash (edit_snap_utilities.py)

Big thanks!

> fixed some bugs
> include Face Size Vertex Paint Layer

I have downloaded this update, but when I go to user preferences and click “install from file” nothing happens, the addon is not going in. I am running 2.74.
What am I doing wrong ?

You have to Unzip it first.
Inside you will find different Setup Tools for installation…

Thanks mk,
I thought it was an all in one install, will go check it out


i cannot activate this Addon

Have you use the correct version?
Try and Error: Please try to disable all undefault addons and follow the install instruction inside the zip!

Big thanks!

Please try Update#3 Version

SFC Retopo Update #8

> work area: objectmode / mesh editmode / curve editmode / lattice editmode

Hi mkbreuer could you update the addon “uv_copy_and_past_uv” in metatool ?

The “uv_copy_and_past_uv” 3.2 , have a big update , add some awsome new features, And the Addon now contains many py files , so i cant just replace the old file in metaltool .

Maybe Metatool can check if we install"“uv_copy_and_past_uv”", if yes metatool can show UV tool panel, if not, metatool do not show UV tool.

If Metatool have this fuction, we can update some addons by ourself easyly .

I use blender with metatool, UV Image Tool, SFC Retopo in my daily work some AAA projects ,I do not feel too many differents from maya in modeling stage, and some tool is better than maya.
Big thanks mkbreuer, you make me life easy .:smiley:

Nice to hear!
Thx you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

…!!! SFC Retopo Update #11 !!!..

> Addon Collection for modelling and retopology
> work for: object- / edit- / curve- / lattice / sculptmode

#11 > script clean up / etc.:

> Please unzip for install instruction

> enable Tooltips to get more infomation by hovering the buttons
> file > user preferences > interface > display: tooltips
> create a Shortcuts by right click on a Button
> open User Preference (CTRL+ALT+U)
> click Save User Settings
> the Shortcut be now permanent
> use the panel menus and buttons for your pie menu
> Tweek like you need and have Fun!!..=^-^=…!!

Official Grease Pencil Pie Menu > Shortcuts [D+Q]

Thanks for sharing. I am waitting for this long time, also metaTools . Cheer!

SFC Retopo #10 > i have made an small update!!!

Hi mkbreuer
Big thanks your hard work.

MetaTool will also have a update? MetaTool has almost everything i want . I am used to use “metatool_piemenu” in daily work . Could you add Shading > Faces-Smooth Flat, Edge-Smooth Shap, Vertices-Smooth Shap, and UVs> Mark Seam Clear Seam to MetaTool Pie Menu ? When create lage pros , i have to click these command again and again.

Also I glad to see you can add Retopo Tools to MetaTool. MetaTool ia all in one tool for me in my side. Not only modeling, Retopo but also include otherthings texture UV, rigging and so on.

AnyWay Thanks.