[Addon] Connect, Deselect Boundary

thank you this is awesome!

Very useful, thanks.

Really cool, thanks for this!

sweet … installed :smiley:
many thanks!!


Been looking for something like this for a while so thanks!

very helpful!

Stan Pancakes, this is epic! Thank you!!!

Thanks, very useful!

great thanks!

Looks Fantastic! Great job Stan!

Is it possible to also add this for edges with a option outset, inset and perhaps in- & out-set with certain distance. This would be very handy and make it a combi off bevel and sub-devide faces

I need this script EVERY day.
Any chance someone can port it to 2.8? :slight_smile:
or is there an alternative?

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Fixed some API issues and for now, it works, unless API changes again…

cut_faces.py (7.2 KB)


haha, many thanksfor the effort, Artem :slight_smile:

So useful :smiley:

Thanks for the 2.8 update, this looks very useful, did not know about this addon.
Thanks again.

Now that´s a great first post :slight_smile: Thanks!

mesh_cut_faces.py (7.2 KB)
minor updates to remove warnings.


Oh wow, talk about going away for a few years :slight_smile: Thank you @Meta-Androcto and @artleontiev for keeping it alive, and I’m glad to see people still find it useful! I’ll put up the 2.80 update in the repo in a few days.


Well, a few days turned to be… a bit longer. But, I’ve just updated the add-on on github, it now provides a bit more functionality - namely, supports both face and edge selection, depending on which selection mode you’re in.


Thank you for this handy addon!
Deselect boundary will be very useful in my projects.
Though, I don’t quite understand what “connect” does. Are there any videos, tutorials?