[Addon] Dynamic Slideshow

I have just finished version 0.5 and now the addon is ready to be public.
I would love to hear from you.

Inspired by a CG Cookie tutorial: http://cgcookie.com/blender/cgc-courses/creating-ken-burns-effect


I have seen the tutorial mentioned above and wanted to use the method without doing stuff multiple times (adding cameras and sequences).

How the slideshow is working

The addon needs the ‘images as planes’ addon for adding the images. After that each image plane gets a camera. Now its possible to move and animate every camera to match the image plane. For each camera a scene strip is added in the VSE. Now with some effect strips you have your moving slideshow.


The addon is documented in the GitHub wiki: https://github.com/hapit/blender_addon_dynamic_slideshow/wiki/Documentation


Download addon file from GitHub with following link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hapit/blender_addon_dynamic_slideshow/master/dynamic_slideshow.py

How to install an addon:


The Future is you. The users of an addon are driving the improvement and development.
I would like your help with feedback, bug reports and ideas. Here in this post of better in the addons GitHub repository as a new issue.

I have already added some issues. Please comment on them if you like them to be implemented.

Thks a lot Hapit,
Glad to use your addon for my job.
Good Luck for future.

Hey there Hapit thank you very much for all the work that you have put into this. I have used the addon for work already. The improvements are very useful I don’t know why I didn’t think of them earlier.

@hapit Great work! What you think to make similar for video clips? Target -> Qucik blending video clips?

Thank you for your kind replies.I’m a little bit proud that the addon is used for work.

@3pointedit: Thank you for the tutorial which inspired me for the addon and the motivating and good feedback after the first version. If the addon really helps you and you want to do me a favor. I would be very honored if you could do a short tutorial video for using the addon.

@floo: Thx for adding the addon to the list. What do you exactly mean by ‘quick blending video clips’? Do you mean a script which adds effect strips automatically to the VSE? How do you think the workflow should be and what would the addon do?

@hapit I think it need to be works similar like slideshow, but for movie clips. Adds effect strips automatically is very good idea. Nothing special, but help to work with quick montage video.

Hapit I would certainly like to make a video tutorial for your addon but have limited time at the moment.

@Floo how would the addon know how long to make each clip? Often you edit pieces of video into the timeline based on key parts of the action. Perhaps you expect to do all of that first, then have a function that ‘auto adds effects’ over a range? Perhaps between special named markers on the timeline or maybe between selected clips?

@3pointEdit thx for your feedback. ‘auto adds effects’ for selected clips is will be great.

Thanx! Nice tool.

I have added a new issue for version 0.6 to add effects manually for selected strips.
In version 0.6 is will also the option to add different effect stips (Cross, Wipe with different versions like iris, single or clock).

@floo I think that the addon Extra sequencer Actions will add fades to all selected strips. It’s not the same as adding fades to checkerboarded strips but is closer to what you want.

PS thats the other issue here. The Auto Add FX would have to er-arrange strips in order to add effects to each strip pair.

I have selected the issues for the v0.6 release at github.
The release is about adding effect strips (because you wished it).
I already had the idea that it’s possible to select which effect type is added. Additionally select certain effect/blend types and apply them cyclic or at random.

@3pointEdit: Thx, for wanting to make the tutorial. No need to hurry. If you have time in the future.

@floo: For you i will make an additional button for the inserting of effect strips. This button can be used to reapply effect strips to the slideshow (after deleting the old ones) OR applied to other selected strips. I assume that the selected strips are overlapping and only two strips at a time. The effect strip is added to the overlap. This button will be also usable for other strips (movie, image) than scene strips.
Does this sound like what you wished for?

@all: feel free to report bugs at github or adding issues with improvement wishes

@3pointEdit Thx. I will check Extra sequencer.
@hapit ofcourse, I like this idea ;). I’m happy that you want update new features. Thank you.

Release new version:

Including issues:
#9 Allow to select the effect strip type enhancement
#11 Select multiple effect types, which are applied randomly or cyclic enhancement
#21 Manual add effects in the VSE for selected strips enhancement
#22 Change category fo addon to ‘Tools’ enhancement
#23 Add options to effect strip type selections

@floo: Thank you for testing.

works great thank you!