[Addon] EWOCprojects presents Chromolys Ruler update

New EWOCprojects release! After a few days in Python Support for ripening, the 2.63 update of Chromolys Ruler is now ready for the public. Its a very versatile ruler and measurements addon.

On a trip to EWOCprojects now!

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current version: 2.3.0

Awesome! I know you worked very long & hard on this.
Thanks so much for yet another great tool.

So Paleajed, :eek: I’m very excited about this! How are you do so speed! Very good idea to correct this so nice script!
Congratulations so much!
Cheers :cool:

Edit: Encore merçi Gert, je viens de l’essayer à nouveau et je suis tellement heureux de retrouver ses fonctions! Tu peux me demander de traduire d’autres scripts de Chromoly, je pourrais faire la traduction du japonais environ car je n’ai appris que pendant 3 ans mais avec google, je comprends le sens des phrases…
Chapeau bas, tu es un maître du python sans conteste!

Are you a phython god?

That´s extremely useful when you have to deal with very accurate objects scale, because make the measurement so easy, thanks!

thank you Paleajed!!! you rock!

@paleajed, the script doesn’t really work, if you orbit in 3d, the distance is changing awkwardly, also the snapping is broken.

3D snapping doesn’t work at all. :expressionless:

also there is needed the ability to snap to edges and faces too, and the ability to constrain the ruler to x, y or z or a specific angle.

i made a clip explaining that 2D snapping works and 3D snapping DOESN’T WORK

really nice, after helping save the universe from the empire a long time ago, Ewocs are back and rock even more :slight_smile:

i made a clip explaining that 2D snapping works and 3D snapping DOESN’T WORK

Thanks for taking all the trouble to make this video.
Ill explain:


As it turns out a second version (an old one) of ruler was supplied in the zip file, it can possibly run instead of the much newer, complete version! So DELETE the old chromoly_ruler directory from your addons dir and reinstall the zip downloadable above!

3D snap will then most probably work.

Concerning 2D snapping: the measurements can show at different depths because my ruler version draws it at the depth of the current “view-at” pivot point, so everytime you change view, drawing depth will possibly be changed, this seemed as the logical choice though as for 2D measurements a certain depth needs to be chosen anyhow…

Tip: use “O” hotkey to switch snapping to everything visible instead of everything selected.

Let me know how you all fare…

okay, Paleajed, i just done everything you said.
Still, 3D snapping works, as it snaps to vertices, but there is no hope of setting points in 3D because CTR+ALT + LMB and drag means ZOOM in/out in Blender. so the keys must be changed, maybe ALT+ LMB for 3D snapping (+shift for multiple points) and 2d snapping can remain ctr+lmb

basically, cannot measure stuff in 3D !
(if i don;t make sense, please tell me) :smiley:

ps:also snapping between vertecies, faces, and edges would be great to have :slight_smile:

ps:also snapping between vertecies, faces, and edges would be great to have

Would you want this all at the same time (faster) or with a hotkey to switch snapping mode (less clutter but more hassle)?

New version 2.0.2!

Now uses ALT for 3D snapping instead of CTRL-ALT !

Now snaps to edges and faces also (all in the same batch at the moment, no hotkey). This was natural extension of the functionality already there, thats why I managed to prog this in under one hour…

wow. that was fast. blender developers are the greatest!

i wish only the ability to draw the dimensions on x y and z direction: meaning to constraint the drawing by pressing x , y or z (just like is G (grab) + x/ y / z and move along those axes.

Ill look into it

  • when i press shift to draw the ruler work ok but when i press alt for 3d snap do nothing
  • whe i switch to 2d snap and begin to draw, in ortho looks ok but when i change to perspective mode the measurements of the ruler is far from the geometry

Do you have the object you want to snap to selected? You can also press “O” hotkey to snap to visible instead of selected. Otherwise 3D snap works fine here.

When drawing in 2D, the ruler has to choose a certain “depth” at which the measurements are drawn, I chose to do this at the depth of the point your 3D view is looking at (the point you rotate around). When your geometry happens to be far closer than that point, it might seem the measurements are far away when transforming view. Choosing "at"point as depth at least ensures the measurements will at least be inside the view when transforming it.

still does not work for me

  • I think the best wokflow is activated snaping Without pressing any key, and take into account the selection mode [face, vertex, edge]