[AddOn] Export Camera to BMD Fusion

Hi Blenderheads,

this is my first add on i wrote for blender. It will export any (or selected) cameras in the blender scene to BMD Fusion. Hope you can make use of it!


  • export all or selected cameras
  • creates a fusion comp file, which can be opend in BMD fusion
  • exports animated translation, rotation, near and far clip, Point of focus and focal lenght
  • exports camera sensor size
  • converts Blender Z-up to Fusion Y-up coordinates
  • you can choose the frame range for the export
  • camera names will be transfered
  • if you have a clip at the first slot in the motion tracking module it will export the clip and all tracking markers (2d and 3d trackers)
  • if you have a plane tracker on the clip it will export the plane tracker as a cornerpin node
  • “NEW” plane track comes now also as Tracker2 node with the position of the plane corners as tracks"NEW"

i’m happy for any feedback and success stories.



(update to new name and version 0.4.2)


io_fusion_tracking_scene0-5-0.zip (6.33 KB)

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This is just awesome, dude! I was just about to start writing my own addon to fill this gap. Dont you mind if I’ll modify your script to add export of camera tracking data into point cloud node? I’ll post it here when it’s done

just go on and make it happen

updated the script, only one little bugfix:

  • export can now start at frame 0 (before was 1 the minimum)

Hi pingking23!

Thank you very much for your effort, I really appreciate it!
Would it be possible to export the centers of Objects too?
Or maybe null objects? I can do a workaround with dummy cameras, but it would be great to use other objects too :wink:

Thank you & happy Blender/Fusioning!

sure it can be made, but the fbx ex-/import is for me the best way right now
fbx will transfer all objects and nulls

can you tell for what you would need to export the centers or nulls? its better to understand what you trying to do, so i can make it usefull for more then your case

Oh, I didn’t thought about fbx! Thats for sure useful!
I thought about a null export option for tracked titling in Fusion ontop of Animations - but with fbx its not necessary to add that functionality. Thank you!

Hi pingking23,

can you tell me what settings for fbx export out of blender and fbx import into fusion works for you? Have you tried something with it?
Thank you, gekkonier

Nevermind, this here works for me (you just need to align the footage to the fbx animation)

Thank you for this great addon!

blender export settings:

fusion import settings:

i just wanted to inform that i made some progress with the exporter script, its not as nice as i would like it to be but it will export a fusion comp with camera and a pointcloud with a one click solution.

have to fix some minor bugs and then it will be released

Hi pingking23, I appreciate your hard work on this!
I used your camera export script now several times, and it works flawless, very fine!

Thank you!

thankf for the nice feedback

right now i have done some more steps:

  • the script right now creates a Loader with the footage from blender (i assume you have only 1 clip loaded)
  • it sets the frame range and resolution of the fusion comp to the settings in Blender
  • i try to force you to work in linear color space in fusion: i set the viewer LUT in Fusion to the view settings from Blender, i remove the gamma from the Loader clip via a Gamut node (assuming you loaded sRGB encoded files in Blender)
  • it exports all or the selected cameras from blender
  • it creates a PointCloud3D node in Fusion with points from all the trackers in Blender
  • it creates a Tracker node in Fusion with all the 2D tracks from Blender
  • it creates a LensDistortion node with the undistortion settings from Blender (this will not match pixel perfect but its quiet close)

Thank you. That’s nice!

now with the plane track feature, i guess the addon is feature complete and its time for bug hunting and testing

updated the first post with the latest version and edited the description

Thank’s pingking23, I’m just learning Fusion, but it’ll be very helpfull later :slight_smile:

Im think im running crazy. Each time i try to import a simple test scene into fusion the camera is flipped. Ive tried tons of settings and import methods, got a bit lost now i think.

Whats the correct setting? ive tried the settings from earlier on in this thread, but nothing changes actually when i try different settings??
using fusion 8 on osx

sort of figured out the correct export settings know. Any know how to export a track constraint properly into FBX? the rotation is done correct but it seems position/center is shifted now

thank you so much!!