[AddOn] File Browser Search

Works fine on 2.67a with Windows 7, thank you!

Of course this is useful! Thankyou very much, I’ll test it!

Ah, I don’t know if it is possible, but it would be better if the results of the search appears in the actual files list (like a filter or like the win/ searching), so that I don’t have to enlarge the lateral bar.

I hope this function will be implemented in blender, by directly typing in the file name text box.

Nice addon, thanks! I’ve been waiting for something like this.

Unfortunately for now it is not possible to do that with only add-on.

Well… Actually this addon is one year old :slight_smile:

Hi Everybody… Uhhmm. I have to report that the “search” plug-in does NOT seem to work in Blender 2.68… I do not see any changes to the GUI, or any mention of (and I’m grasping at straws here…) a hot-key combination to make the “Finding” work… I’m on a Mac running OS_X 10.6.8 which is the MOST FUNCTIONAL of the Mac OS’s…later ones are all “eye-candy” imho… :-/// I REALLY miss the “keyboard awareness” of the Finder–double click on a folder-icon to open it–and start typing the name of the thing you’re looking for… if it’s there, the cursor jumps down the list, and highlights it–ready to use or abuse… :slight_smile: This is a simple, elegant way of working with files—I wish Blender (and Win.7…???) would “steal the idea” from APPLE, and implement it!

PLEASE UPLOAD A SCREENSHOT or two, of this Search-plug-in actually WORKING
–What does it LOOK like, and how do you access it? TIA… :o))

Thanks for the report themacguy.I will look into soon though it might be caused by security changes to python scripting in 2.68.

I believe install instructions and screenshots are in the first post of this thread.

It’s working for me at revision 58486. It disables and re-enables just fine with no console output and no status output. Searching in the browser works just fine.

Windows 7 x64
Blender SVN x64 scons/MinGW-w64

EDIT: Just tried playing with script auto-execute, and that doesn’t seem to be affecting it, at least for me. As far as I know, auto-execute just applies to blends with embedded scripts, like UI enhancements, not addons in the addons, addons_contrib, or addons_extern directories.

themacguy: And for the record, Win7 does have that feature.

Thank you for your search button. It is very helpfull. ( some greetings for your girlfriend).

If we search extensions like .blend, .jpg, .blex, search is not successful. Maybe in the future?

My next question is out od SEARCH functionality.
Please, is it possible to improve BOOKMARKS? ( above search button) - we need UP DOWN functions to better organize our bookmarks.

I checked and apparently search is performed only on the file names (extensions excluded). Don’t remember why I made it like that :slight_smile:
Though you can always use regular expressions: *.blend, *.jpg and it should work.
I will think a little bit about not excluding extensions from search and eventually update script.



Well I generally think that blender file browser could be improved a little bit (for example searching through files should be build in), but it needs much more work and time than writing simple search python add-on :slight_smile: I will “think about looking into this” when I will be done with other projects :stuck_out_tongue:

The download link is 404 - here’s the last version I have, which is probably pretty old: http://gregzaal.com/files/file_browser_search.py
(right click, save as)

Coincidentally, I needed to look at the code in this addon as I’m working on a better bookmarks system :wink:

Yeah… Sorry about that. I was making doing some cleaning on server. Will put it somewhere soon.

Fixed link:

Please note that this script might be outdated and not work well with current Blender version. I will try to update is as soon as possible.


After over a year break I am finally trying to get back to all of my old projects, finish them and if I will be lucky maybe some of them will be added to Blender.

I started by completely rewriting my File Browser Search Add-on.


  • Added icons.
  • Added search for directories options.
  • You can now look for files even when appending or linking blend data. Though clicking file (with “Open on Click” option) will result in opening files directory in File Browser.
  • A few minor tweaks that should improve functionality.

I was testing it on Linux and Windows, but I would appreciate your feedback on Bugs and eventually missing functionality. Here is tracker on developer.blender.org: https://developer.blender.org/T30386


You forgot a comma on line 491 :slight_smile:

Otherwise it’s great :smiley: thanks

Ugh… Sorry. Must have uploaded the wrong version. Replaced with the proper one… I hope. Thanks!

Forgot to mention about important CHANGE:

  • File Browser filters (on top) now also applies to search results.


Small update needed for Blender 2.72 compatibility:
File Browser Search


  • Blender 2.72 compatibility (previous version used with 2.72 would crash when appending data from .blend files).

This is really awesome, I have always wondered why blender file manager is so poor usablity wise.

Something I would like to see though is few additional features, these are more issues of the file manager than your search, but it would be awesome if your addon could deal with these too!

  1. You could navigate in the normal filelist by using character keys to fast forward to first file beginning with that letter.
  2. You would be able to navigate with arrow keys in the filelisting
  3. Detailed filelisting should have sorting options by date, name, size etc and obviously show these values too.

Things listed above are basic functions of windows filemanager and therefore many people are used to them so I think integrating them would really be important!

I have recorded a short video - tutorial. Maybe someone will find it helpful:

I have suggestion too, multiselect searched files fex. when appending.