hi guys, i just created an addon for storyboarding. This addon let the user outomate some process when doing some storyboarding process direcly in blender.
i created it just to learn more about blender scripting, so let me know what you think about this addon. cnc really welcome . :slight_smile:

download here https://github.com/fajarkresnandar/FJR_storyboardtool


you can use this addons for:
-creating image
-give the image a consistent file name(scn001_sh001,scn001_sh002,etc…)
-automaticly add a sequence(to create a simple animatic)

here some update for this addons:

-adding FJR_StoryBoardTool_Rearrange:
now you can move (rearrange) image in sequence for the active image in image edior (basicly it is just an operator which renaming the imagefile)

-adding navigation buttons
you can switch active image in image editor to the next, previous, first, or last image

here the screenshoot :

i apologize for not providing a tutorial or enough explanation about this addons, but i hope you could find it usefull for you.
as always, cnc are wellcome :slight_smile:

Can you outline the workflow of your addon? Just a bullet point walk through. What problem does it solve?

Yes I agree. Its kind of frustrating just showing a screenshot and thinking that everyone will figure out how to use it.

Thx. for sharing.
@3pointEdit Maybe this gif explains you, how it’s work.

@3pointEdit & SHABA1 : i’m planing to create a video tutorial about how we could use this addons, unluckly currently i’m not be able to do that. but i’ve update the discription in the first post of this threads. if you have any question about this addon, l’d like to unswer it as good as i could.
@floo : you’re wellcome, thanks for helping me explain about this addons. :slight_smile:

download here https://github.com/fajarkresnandar/FJR_storyboardtool/blob/def/FJR_StoryboardTool.py

OMG thank you so much for making this! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ll let you know if I have any problems. :smiley:
(By the way, what particular scripting tutorials were you referencing when learning how to do this? I’m a relative noob myself at Blender Python.)

Thanks again!

it seems cool I’ll try it out, ive always thought we need to figure out something that works like pixar’s pitch docter (i’ve only seen it in videos but looks so simple yet powerful to quickly put together story reels and animatics )

The good and usefull tool. Thanks