[Addon] Flipped UVs Selector

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Hi all,

I am back again with another simple addon.

Addon for selecting flipped UV faces in your current mesh. Quite often it can happen that some faces on your mesh can be flipped but there is no clear indication in UV image editor about that. With usage of this addon you can select faces which have flipped UVs be it in U or V direction.

Operator can be used on any mesh object in Edit Mode.

Test example:

  1. create cube
  2. unwrap faces with smart unwrap
  3. select one face and scale to -1 on one axis -> face is now flipped
  4. clear selection, so you will be able to see result of operator
  5. hit space and type: “Flipped UVs” or go to menu in uv editor: Select -> Flipped UVs
  6. Done! The faces which are now selected are having flipped uv mapping on active UV layer.

flipped_uvs_selector.zip (1.42 KB)

Happy Blending,

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Thank you

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Amazing tool!!!