Addon for Edge Group

(finalbarrage) #1

is there any addon or feature that lets me set edge groups simular to Vertex groups?

(RickyBlender) #2

same way I guess
select your edges and make vert group done

happy bl

(finalbarrage) #3

problem is, a vertex group would not work the same way as an edge group. if you for instance have a triangle and wish to add two of the edges as a group, a simple vertex group would not work. this is a problem ive ran into several times, so id love to get a solution for it.

(RickyBlender) #4

add vert works for any verts selection
why do you say it won’t work ?

for tris it will add the 3 verts
but does gives 3 edges in effect
so sort of miss leading

one trick would be to add one edge at a time X 2
then you see 2 verts per edge

happy bl

(masterxeon1001) #5

i think this question was misunderstood.

finalbarrage - there currently is not edge groups in Blender. As a hard surface modeller I would love to be able to put edges in groups instead of just verts.

No matter what adjacent edges will fill in and it will react like a vert selection. I worry this request might be ignored since it’s misinterpreted.

(burnin) #6

Ah, the pain… as with edges so is with polys

Am helping self with selections/assignments for polys and edges from material settings

(finalbarrage) #7

yep there is a good demonstration to why this is a problem.

im willing to pay 50$ to whoever makes, or finds an addon or solution to this.

(RickyBlender) #8

most modif use verts group not edge or faces group!
so it is not really use in bl right now

so not certain how appropriate this would be !

why is it so important to have this feature ?

did find a proposal

happy bl

(Secrop) #9

For plenty of reasons… For example, as masterxeon1001 posted clearly, the Bevel modifier just looks at vertices and not edges. An edge that has both vertices in the group, will be treated as if in the group, even only the adjacent edges are. Every other modifier that needs to operate in groups of edges and faces, will fail in this matter.

(RickyBlender) #10

as indicated in the proposal

edges can be shown with

Edges Currently, there are several edge custom data uses:

  • Crease
  • Seams
  • Sharp (bool)
  • Bevel
  • Freestyle edge marks

so you could define like a edges group with these
but not shown in the Verts group per say

like define a crease and set it to 0 !
then you can re select this group of edges

I know it is shown in N panel and not really use in any modifier yet

only Devs can see if it can be implemented and useful !

still wondering if it would be really useful as a new group

happy bl

(finalbarrage) #11

Cinema4D has something called Set Selection, which is the same as vertex group but its based off of edges instead of verteses. i see NO use in having just a single vertex selected in a vertex group, so edges seems to make a lot more sence.

  • Crease
  • Seams
  • Sharp (bool)
  • Bevel
  • Freestyle edge marks

Also, these features cannot be used in modifiers for instance.

(ChameleonScales) #12

I swear I saw an add-on that stores at least edge groups, but I can’t put my hand on it again.
Although its only purpose was to save selections. You couldn’t use it with modifiers and such.


Hello everyone, as I had the same issue I thought of a solution/workaround.
I wanted to use a bevel modifier on two edges that share the same face, having them in a group actually beveled the edges linking them (cf. image 1)

As I looked for addons and solutions about edge groups (and seeing that there are none) I tried assigning the upper edges and the lower edges in two separate groups, then using two bevel modifiers, one for each group, I found my solution, as you can see here on image 2:

I know this topic is old, and this workaround might be limited, but if anyone has the same issue as mine, I hope this will help.