[AddOn] Grass generator

Hi guys,

I’m probably posting in the wrong thread but I have a question for the community.

With all these great add ons coming to blender I’m surprised that no one has attempted a basic add-on like a grass generator because it seems like it would be a sort after feature.

If I was savvy in coding I would give it a go but I think I’ll leave it to the pros !

So my question is will anyone out there tackle this awesome add-on or will we just go without and make grass the long way as per all those tutorials on youtube ?

Blenderpwns !

i think there should be a “quick effects” operator for grass…
(maybe a couple to choose from, i love my presets :slight_smile: )

someone was working on a “hair lab” script
(maybe you could talk with him to add a grass preset to that?)

OR, have him make a new script maybe called “lawn tools” or something…
that has several different grass presets :wink: based off the same code as “hair lab”

Grass can already be done with the built in tools. What would the AddOn contribute?

I like your suggestions holyenigma74, I think the more people speak up in this thread about wanting the script we might get a bit of movement in the community and a dev might help us all out

Well, I think grass generation - whilst quite easy to make with Blender own tools - would deserve a specific add-on that could provide some quick effects like colour (gradient), blades lenght and curvature, etc.
So yes, another fan here.

Indeed, what would be the point in speeding up doing things when we can take the longer more complicated way of doing it.

ok, it’s reasonable easy for me to do the script.
which means it’s very easy for people with better py knowledge than me.

If people want to post up some example grass files ( .blend files ) i can look at converting them to py & an addon.
I’m happy enough to do 3 grass types.

atom is right in a few aspects, as an addon a grass gen would be cool, but as you can already do this easily in blender not innovative or nessecary.
What’s needed is a decent presets system that supplies these things from the particle tools.

Having said that, I will put it on my to do list, please provide me with 3 examples > simple, medium & advanced & I’ll get working.

What about the Ivy Generator script? This emulates natural growth patterns on surfaces, doesn’t it. So grass on the ground with random flowers?

This is fantastic guys, we’re heading on the right track !
I can tell by the number of views this thread has had that a few people want this type of add on.

Thank Meta-Androto for taking the first steps and tackling this add on.

I have a few ideas on what I’d like the grass to look like and maybe some easy options to manipulate the heights, density and direction.

I’ve attached some images from the blendswap website because they have achieved amazing results especial those from the Nature Academy.

Thanks again Meta-Androto for potentially being an awesome add on to an already awesome program !


Feel free anyone else that wants to give this a ago because you’ll be helping a lot of blender users out !

Creative Ant,
I did mean .blend example files, so I can port the settings to python.


Sorry just wanted to show some examples of what I was thinking.

Thanks :slight_smile:


grass.zip (852 KB)

A thought, dont know if this should be related or seperate but how about a simple script to take the selected meshes, group them, set up a particle system with a distribution like grass so the the user can select the plants/objects they want and it will distribute it for them? Im just thinking if the person wants a bit more than grass, like clovers and chives and wheat.

Tho I`m sure a lot of people will be fine with just grass.

sounds like a job for pkhg :wink:

This is true Atom and I apologised about that but this still shows how many people in the blender community would like this add on.

Its great to hear other blendheads speak up about features that’d like to see in this add on.

If you could tell me how to moves this thread I will Atom :slight_smile:

Only Admins can move posts.

Here is the 2.49 fiber script if anyone wants to take a stab at conversion.


249_Fiber203.blend (894 KB)

tin2tin, way ahead of you.:wink:
Using hair lab as a base I’m building Grass Lab then Fur lab
there’s still some bugs & settings & materials need to be refined. (in hair lab too)
so within a day or two, I should have something reasonable.

atom, thanks, I do have ripstings fibre in my 2.49 build in my sig :wink:
Also, as an alternative to that method, you can use liero’s multi extrude script.

here’s a couple of pics of my progress:
& another view:

there’s a few issues I have come across.
fixed menu registration
fixed new scene sphere being active

bugs/ changes still to make:
switch back button deletes grass_scene & particle system?
creating grass on a new object in a different scene gives wrong results.
more :wink:

ok, fixing a few more things :wink:

hi Meta-Androcto,

thanks for doing this,useful addon.