[Addon] Isolate - Lighting helper addon

Hi Blenderheads, here’s a little addon i made for lighting

It allows to “Isolate” light by turning off other lights in the scene.Isolate is also a custom open GL interface to interact with your lights and meshlights directly in the Viewport !

It is located in the down-header of the 3d viewport.Install it through the User Preferences like any other add-on

Features :

Isolation of Mesh Lights and Lamps :

select one or several lamps or meshlights, and click on the isolation button to hide any other light source in the scene, except for the world settings (AO, background). You can chose to only hide their renderability or renderability and visibility

Open GL Helper :

This button adds on the viewport an extra interface with options. This interface allows the user to see all lights and mesh lights in the scene and their state (visibility and renderability). The interface is interactive, you can ctrl+left click on the item to select/toggle visibility and renderability. You can also isolate lights from here

An example of the OGL helper :

Here’s a little walkthrough/presentation video of the addon :

the gumroad page :

and the github :

Hope you like it !
Feel free to C&C ! :slight_smile:

Very interesting. I think that it is valuable for complex scene.
I’m usually using “Region Overlap”. As following figure, displaying of the helper text is a little problem.
Could you add adjusting feature of displaying location for the helper in the addon setting of user preferences?

Anyway, thank you for this sharing!

Thanks for good work and the sharing

thanks for your support and feedback !

@Toudou, yep i totally forgot about that !
you can now download the v0.45 which corrects that and add a move text function (by pressing Ctrl Shift)

here’s a little gif :

Yeah, i think my jaw just dropped on my keyboard… What an overlay!

Do you mean it’s too much ? i agree there’s a lot of info in the overlay, but you can hide some of them, this is designed to be used only when lighting, so i thought it could be valuable to just have a 3d viewport and a property panel to light, with all informations

Thank you!
The version is working with overlapping. My problem is resolved.
But the Ctrl + Shift to move the text is not working.
After pressing the Ctrl + Shift in the helper mode and moving mouse, nothing happened…
Did I do a wrong operation?

hey glad it solved your problem ! sorry my bad, the shortcut is Ctrl + Alt to move the text around the 3d viewport and not Ctrl + Shift !

On the contrary, i think it is very elegant and smart. I’ve been thinking on implementing something very similar in my addons, but i never took the time to write it. I just love the text buttons that are very close, don’t obscure the view too much and that you can click to activate commands and also get info from.

Would you mind if i reuse some of your UI code at some time? I think it can find use in a lot of scripted tools.

aaaah Glad you like it ! didn’t understant :slight_smile:
of course no problem with using some code ! don’t hesitate to ask by private message if you have some questions, the code is highly unacademic i think (i’m no coder, just enthusiast) and i did some weird tricks/hack sometimes, like for the hovering…
thanks for support :slight_smile:

Ah! Ctrl+Alt! Thank you!

Thanks tonton, if i get some free time at some point i would like to explore a bit your way of UI coding and try to implement it somewhere.

If i hit a snag i will contact you. Great job!