[Addon] JARCH Vis

JARCH Vis is an add-on meant to speed up the process of architectural visualization by creating commonly needed items with the click of a button. Currently this add-on supports creating siding, flooring, roofs, and windows.

Recent Changes:

  • A complete rewrite has taken place over the last couple weeks to update to Blender 2.8x. Unfortunately, the update breaks backwards compatibility and only works with Blender 2.8x. On the bright-side, the add-on is faster, architecture types have more options, and the UI has been redesigned.
  • More details about the recent release can be found in the release info here or in the README file on GitHub.

There probably are some bugs that I missed with all these changes so if you find any please report them!

Current Version: 2.0.0

Report Bugs or Feature Suggestions
Video Overview (a couple version behind)


Exellent, i just tried it, definitely will use it.


Awesome! Glad to here it!

Great addon. I love the improvements you have made. In your last version I was having to use the brick siding to
simulate flooring with not so good results. but now It all should work. Thank you.

Awesome! Always good when the newer version is better! :slight_smile:

Hi Jacob,

Thanks a lot for this very usefull add-on. But you don’t must to use uppercase in the name of python file, please.
Take a look in the add-on folder to analyze the names, please.
Bye bye

Thanks for the nice update .
Maybe you can also add a option for the metric system .

Awe, naming conventions are for losers :slight_smile: I just updated that. Thanks!

This is on my to-do list. I am hoping to have that in by version 0.2

Thanks :yes:

Version 0.2 was just released, I fixed a scaling issue with siding and flooring. I also added the ability to use metric and imperial units. Just change them how you normally would. Please let me know if there are any issue like these being a little off, I hope I got rid of all the conversion factors, but I am not certain I did. Also, when you add siding, sometimes the boards will be really wide, just click “Update” it will fix that. I am not certain what is going on there.

New version is up and I just added metric to it.

for losers

Fortunately, Blender uses the conventions, you could not do otherwise add-ons! :yes:

Thanks Jacob for this very important add-on.

Thanks for added metric scale .:yes:


Great about metric units.
Is there an easy way to download the hole folder?’’


sorry about that, I just made it a zip folder, so now it should only take one download. I’ll do that from now on.


Anyway, for that ones who have g.drive and want to save folder, the easiest way is to save the file on your drive, then download.

One thing, the siding tin could be used for roofs!!, the only problem here is that the screws should go on the higer wave of the tin.



Jacob Morris… Your addon is really useful for what I do. I was using it to model a deck and I realized the floor boards have no way to adjust the thickness.
can this feature be added?

Yes, quite easily. The main thing is that 95% of flooring is just 1 inch thick. I will add it though.