[addon] LeoMoon LightStudio beta for 2.8x


We’ve been waiting for per viewport visibility for so long and it doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon.

We’ve started to write everything from scratch with our own custom made lights viewport. And since we’re writing everything from scratch, we’ve decided to call it LeoMoon LightStudio.

I will post a beta version in a few weeks and please note LeoMoon LightStudio plugin will only work with Blender 2.80+ and will remain free.




committed on the 13th :slight_smile:



Here is a small update.

First thanks to all the donors. I collected around $150 of donations. I also matched it and paid my developer $300 to make a viewport and port LeoMoon LightStudio to Blender 2.8x. There are so many things that he needs to write from scratch.

In the meantime, I’m adding more options to the light node. Here is a short video of what I have so far for the node:


looking great, I cannot wait to try it out. I really miss this one.

This so awesome. Wow. I can’t wait to test it when it’s done.
Would it be possible to link lights to specific objects without affecting another object without using renderlayers?

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@Meta-Androcto, yea me too. I’m still using 2.7 and I need it to light products in 2.8!

@Chukx_007, currently all lights are linked to an empty and they are rotated from the origin point of that empty which is linked to the 2d rig where movement in X and Y of that 2d rig, will result in the real light rotating in the 3d scene. A bit complex to explain in text.

I can’t think of an easy way to link lights to other objects while keeping this plugin easy to use.

After spending MANY hours, I’ve added many new options to the light node. The “Texture Switch” option might not be easy to understand. That slider will switch between texture and pure color…

With these new options you should be able to pretty much customize each light the way you want and use as many masks and gradients as needed.

Here is a new(er) demo:


Thanks so much for this. The ability to customize the lights this way is shockingly beautiful and awesome, compared to any other light plugin I’ve seen or used. I can’t even ask for more. You’re amazing. Wow

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@leomoon84 hi, maybe you could use select_get this should get the selected object to pint the lights at?
feel free to look at the 3point/tri lighting addon iirc it does nice point at selection. there’s also the mesh lights addon in amaranth (contrib/nightly builds)
I’ve been fooling around myself too. Not much yet but i did do a simple script to add a plane, add an empty object parented to the plane and then a rotation constraint. this worked very well but no where close to what you guys do. your always welcome to drop into https://blender.chat python room to say hi, my offer still stands that your welcome to develop this in Blender. :slight_smile:


UI and usability is very important for me and I didn’t like how things looked in the previous versions. Especially how we had to use a 3D view to move lights around.

Here is how it looks now. The light panel UI has to get much better and lots of preview features are missing right now:

@Meta-Androcto, I have to see how much we can improve this to get close to the 2.80 standards. If it gets my approval, I will definitely need your help on how to include this with blender.

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Is there a place to download this for 2.80? Thanks

Not yet. It’s very early alpha. Lots of things don’t work properly.



I’m back and here is an early beta of LeoMoon LightStudio for Blender 2.80. This will only work in Cycles since EEVEE does not support mesh lights currently. Plugin is almost functional. There are only lots of paper-cuts specially with the Light Panel. Also the Light Panel only shows a texture for every light and there is no preview if you change light options such as color and masking (will be added soon).

Please test it with Blender 2.80 final cuz I’m pretty sure there are many changes in 2.81 that will break this plugin again!

You can download it [HERE].

As always donations are greatly appreciated.


Well done! It’s so cool to see You again in the action:)
I have to collect some money and again donation will be done for You:) This is awesome addon and so PRO .

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Amazing addon, easy to use and great ui, best light addon so far and I have tried quite a few. Hopefully you get solved it to 2.81 its almost here.


hi, congrats on getting it working again!
2.81 is stable now, I would recommend grabbing a nightly build from here: https://builder.blender.org/download/ to get a head start.


Super cool to hear that you contine developing!
Thank you!
I test addon and found bug

Show only rthis light

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/bm/.config/blender/2.82/scripts/addons/leomoon-lightstudio_beta1/light_operators.py", line 194, in execute
    lightGrp = obs.active
AttributeError: 'bpy_prop_collection' object has no attribute 'active'

location: <unknown location>:-1

blender - git master

And this happends when deleting studio

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This was tested on 2.80 only. Blender is changing API too much!

We’re focusing on the Light Panel which is kinda hard to make. After this is done, the rest is much easier to fix.

Also to “Show Only This Light” right-click on the light in the Light Panel. And to turn on/off the selected light, double click on it in the Light Panel.

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I’m looking for Blender Python/OpenGL developers. This will be a paid work to improve and fix the rest of this plugin. This plugin will remain open source.

Please let me know.


Hello @leomoon84
is there any development news?
now i test latest version and have some ideas

it will be more native look if you are mode ui to active tool panel
and look at my tab sorting, what you think?