[Addon] LowPoly Rock

Zip: add_mesh_lowpoly_rock_0_1_9a.zip (3.45 KB)
Latest Version: https://github.com/Bombaba/BlenderPythonScripts/blob/master/add_mesh_lowpoly_rock.py
*Go to the link and download the script from “Raw” button because “Save link as” doesn’t work.


Add a low poly Ngon rock.


In Object mode, 3Dview > Add (Shift + A) > Mesh > LowPoly Rock


Number of rocks to create.

Rock size.

Size Ratio:
Rock proportion along x, y, z axis.

Displacement mid level.
When you set one of Size Ratio too low, you would get weird rock shapes.
Setting this parameter lower might solve the problem.

Noise Center:
Center position of voronoi texture used inside this addon.
Affect base rock shapes.

Reduce poly count and make meshes simple.

Make rocks sharper.

Edge Split:
Add edge split modifier and apply shade smooth.
This option would prevent unpleasant shading on tessellated Ngons in rendering.

Random Settings:
You can set Size Range and Size Ratio Range as well as Random Seed.
Size of auto generated rocks varies between these ranges.

Advanced Settings:
Display advanced menues.

Keep Modifiers:
Don’t remove modifiers.
With this option on, you can see what this addon does behind the scene.


Version 0.1.3: Fixed an annoying problem. (Unneeded mesh remained after each rock creation)
Please download the latest one.

I like it. Cannot wait to try it out

Version 0.1.4: Changed ‘Planer Angle’ option to ‘Simplicity’.

Version 0.1.5: Added Advanced options.

Version 0.1.6: Changed Triangulate option to Edge Split option.

Version 0.1.7: Added some options and fixed addon category.

Version 0.1.8: Added more options.

this is great.rock shapes look very good.nice ui.thanks a lot.

And here I was making all these rocks manually :P. Great addon! Thanks!

You know it would be really great if you could add the option of auto-generating several different types, the user could select how many and the detail level, for example. These could then be used to “fill” scenes with Rubble or particles. Even if they had a sort of seed value to give slight variations with no user input, unless of course you wanted it.

very useful addon:)

version 0.1.9: added auto-generation. changed some ui.
Sorry to be late.

Great addon, thanks a lot!

Great addon, the rock’s shape looks fine.

I like it too and very useful. Thanks !

really nice addon, Keep on Baba :wink:

Thanks, I like it :slight_smile:

Wow nice! GREAT JOB. Like th fact that we’re able to save presets, very imported i believe

Love the script. it is great for when you are just testing out ideas and need something to populate a scene.

Ok I just tested this out with 2.74 it works fine for generating one rock. My question is where are the options. I looked in the toolshelf and in the N-key pop out but I cannot find anything related to it.

Never mind I found it it was under the toolshelf but I had the bottom of the toolshelf shrunken so far down I did not see it.

Awesome addon. Love it. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Has anyone tested this with 2.78c. I have used it with 2.79 and it works just fine. But when I used it with 2.78c I get on rock in the 3d Viewport but I cannot for the life of me find the settings panel in the toolbar. This might be my fault since I have used the change categories script to consolidate a lot of toolbar panels and get fewer tabs so that they all fit into one window. But let me know if anyone else has the problem.

I like it !!!

yup … its working on 2.78c … settings on left side.
tkz again … and “we like video-tutorial too :)”.

I know it is on the toolbar but what tab IN the tool bar???

Never mind I found it. After setting the change category plugin to get less tabs in my blender editor window certain plugins diappeared but I just switched to a different scene layout and the interface for this plugin reappeared

best! thanks for share