[Addon] - Mesh Check

(pistiwique) #21

Little update for the Mesh Check. The addon now appears now in the Mesh Display panel.
It activates directly by clicking on Mesh Check check box and automatically removes isolated vertices (those not linked to an edge).

(thomascheng) #22

Thanks, this is a great add on.

(fiendish55) #23

This and borderlines together beats my old good friend meshlint. Meshlint would be good but it wont show realtime your ngons and tris like this can do :slight_smile: Great addon and so far the best mesh checker out there (even hard ops fails on this by adding unnecessary materials to my mesh which I need to delete after)

I have random blender crashing happening when using this addon and moving vertex top of another with vertex weld :frowning:

(Meta-Androcto) #24

hi, I like it too, made some changes, I’ll upload soon.

(Michael Knubben) #25

Any news about your update, Meta-Androcto?

(Meta-Androcto) #26

hi, merged both versions, older with line width & current & merged into mesh edit tools which will be in 2.79 release or nightly builds now.

(fiendish55) #27

It is possible to use it with blender 2.78c?

Where I can find this newest version of mesh check?

One suggestion that would make this tool very much top notch in my opinion would be a text box that tells user how many ngons or tris your current edit mode mesh actually has.

This suggestion is based on the possibility where user has accidentally made so small ngons or tris that you cant easily spot them from the wireframe mode but you know there is some when you can read it.

edit: Never mind I figured out that clicking the ngon or tris boxes it activates the faces and you can see the count of active faces from the blender top info.

(fiendish55) #28

Yeah thats actually a good idea better having those color options in addon settings than cluttering side panels.


Is this addon working on 2.78c? It doesn’t show anywhere after activating it.

(Pitiwazou) #30

You have to be in edit mode.


Thanks, Pitiwazou.