[Addon] MList - Marker List and Utilities

Hi everybody, this addon is part of a bigger one for video editing in blender, here’s the linkBut it could also be useful for other purposes, so here’s the “standalone”

Its main purpose is to get a clean marker list in the toolshelf (under the animation tab), but i tried to add Bonus !


  • MARKER LIST : this list needs to be refreshed to get the markers informations, but you can rename from here, and hit refresh to get names in timeline, under the list, you can see the frame of the active marker (in case you rename it)

  • COMMON UTILITIES : you can, from the panel, add, delete, go to, go to next/previous, lock marker in timeline, select the active one in list

  • COMMENT : It allows you to add a comment for selected marker, you can see if there’s one by the button icon (one bar = no comment, 3 bars = comment). Comments are stored in the blend file, no risk to lose them

  • COPY TO MENU : from there, you can copy active marker to another scene in the blend fle. If the “All Markers” checkbox is active, you’ll copy all markers to selected scene

  • EXPORT/IMPORT TRANSCRIPT : These options allow you to import or export a txt transcription of these markers and their comments. The file will be a .mkt file, but it is basically a .txt with custom extension. You can open it in a text editor and read it back, modify it …
    You can also import this .mkt file from any blend file, and add markers and their comments back in another project !

That’s it folks ! here’s a video of it ! Hope it could be useful for somebody ! and don’t hesitate to report any bug here

V1.0 :


Very nice. I’m on vacation without computer so I can’t test it now, but I just wanted to say thank you.

[I have once been thinking about coding an exporting Blender markers and comments script in Avid(txt), Pro Tools(zipped txt) and Davinci(edl) comment formats]

hey tin2tin, glad for your interest ! you’re welcome :smiley:
Yep, good idea for the compatibility of these transcripts, i’m gonna take a look in it, if the format is not too complicated, i’ll try to implement it !

The marker list is good idea, thanks for your add-on tonton , will try it asap.

btw, xfce in your screencast? :yes:

Hey Netrieb, thanks for your interest ! you’re welcome :slight_smile:
Yep, xfce, i’m a ubuntu studio user right now ! great distro btw !
tell me what you think of the addon when you get a chance to try it ! didn’t have time yet to test it on a mac ! but in theory, it should be os agnostic :slight_smile:

The difference between 1 bar and 3 is pretty useless when export/importing lists.
When you create a marker, it reads it as empty but when you import the markers, “No Comment” is read as comment: “No Comment”.

I mark animation Transition points as [Transition], this list doesn’t read them exactly as separate markers.
It reads how many markers are named it correctly (9 or however many) but then it only returns the first marker and whatever frame/information the first had, then it just places a slot for the next markers under it, while having each of them use the first marker’s information.
I.E. Bug

I suggest altering the line above the list; it looks like an error like it’s telling you to fix the names (especially since you’re using the error icon), and it’s really unnecessary since it’s a simple line of text that is basically just giving a tip that you can modify the text in the list; I assume that was it’s purpose, though only now after I found out after some time that the “error” shows up regardless as to anything else.

I want to remove the Markers icon. It makes sense in the timeline but in a list, it’s a needless waste of space. It looks more like a group list separator but since you haven’t added marker groups (yet), it’s a repeated visual label that’ does nothing.

These are my notes; I can’t really opt to using this right now (mostly due to duplicate name bug) but I’m glad it at least got me my old markers back.
I was using the Actions Loader addon for the first time and somehow all my scene markers got deleted; this got them back from the old save.

Another suggestion would be to have the comment show for the active marker automatically somewhere, rather than clicking the marker, then clicking that box.

The usefull thing. Thanks for great work

Hi edtion and thanks for this detailed feedback !

-for your first point, yes you re right , a bug to correct , but i think it s useful to know in a glimpse if there s a comment on this marker ! I think a solution is to write the comment somewhere in the ui like you suggested, byt to also have an icon in the uilist to know quickly if there s one ! To do !

-Yes you re right, for now it doesn t work, i didn t even think about that. When i use marker, i never use twice the same name, that s why it didn’ strike me like something important, and as i work on a custom property group, and not the blender markers themselves, it could be hard to implemeçt, but i ll definitly see what i can do !

-for the warning error, it s important for now to change names in the panel and not in the timeline, that s why i made it that way, sorry if it s confusing !

-yep you re right, waste of space, but i did like the look !i ll see to remove that !
Marker group could be a good idea indeed ! To investigate !

Glad it get back your makers ! Side effect to having a separate custom property group ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your remarks !

I love this addon for animation reference but this never was updated to new blender versions. Please update it!!!

Can you share the addon file its not available so i will try to update it to later versions.

This is a similar addon updated to new versions but this is a few part of Mlist specially because this has’nt a searcher, so if you have a lot marker will be very hard find it

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Hi guys, yep Marker List is a simpler form of MList, less clunky but it does lack the search function, i’ll see if i can add it in the future !