[Addon] MolBlend - working with molecules and periodic structures

I’ve been working on this for a while and finally found some time to clean up the code and hopefully make it more user friendly. I think it is time now to release it into the wild and see what happens.

This addon primarily helps to import molecular structures of (almost) any kind. It allows to guess bonds (useful for xyz files, for example), to switch the drawing style on the fly, change atom elements and radii etc. When working with periodic structures, you can import supercells and draw a unit cell. When “animation data” is present in the imported file (i.e., a relaxation output, or a pdb file with several models), it imports the frames as animation.

In addition it adds some basic functionality to add atoms to imported structures, or even draw molecules from scratch.

When I get around to it, I’ll write some tutorials for how to use it. But hopefully they aren’t necessary to get started.

You can get the addon from

I listed some known issues in the README.md. I appreciate any feedback, to functionality, user interface, coding style, etc. If you want to contribute (for example, by writing more import functions to support other file formats), please submit a pull request. Also, let me know if you can think of other cool features that would be helpful, and I see if I can implement them.

Good luck and have fun!

PS: Please consider this addon still to be in the alpha stage. I did some testing, but I am sure I missed a bunch of cases that aren’t handled well.

Thanks a lot sheranya, a very interessting idea! I will try it to see his features…
Congratulations and good continuation. :eyebrowlift: