[ADDON] Node Wrangler (aka Nodes Efficiency Tools)

All informations about the AddOn will be updated here in the first post.
Add On is now included in trunk.
Latest version is: 3.00 created 2013-12-09.
Now merged with Greg Zaal’s Node Wrangler.

Addon is designed to speed up working with nodes. The list of all features, keyboard shortcuts, instructions and download link can be found on wiki page:


Direct download link:


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Thanks, it looks pretty useful :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Seems really handy, great work

Thanks A LOT for this addon, it will help a lot!
Tested it, it works very well :slight_smile:

Wow Bartek that’s a great tool! Thanks! (Bernardo here!)

looks great bartek!

I had to make a little bug fix. Please download the script once again. (link remained the same)
First version could cause unexpected changes in compositing nodes when accidentally some keyboard shortcut was used when editing materials. Now it’s fixed.

I’m working on adding new features like copying some nodes’ settings similarly to “Copy Attributes” (Ctrl-C).
For example you have 3 RGB curve nodes and want to have exactly the same curve on each of them. Select all, Ctrl-C, or to have it a bit different Ctl-Shift-C and copy settings from active to selected.

What do you think about it?

if you are talking about efficiency,I’m not familiar with the compositor that much yet,but what is the function of the right mouse button inside the compositor?

right now all it seems to do is box select (if you hold it).I thought,rather than pressing shift+a to add a node,wouldn’t it be more efficient to have Right mouse button bring up the node menu (but only in the node editor)? can it be possible to bring up the node menu using RMB quick release or something?

I am playing with it right now and it is really handy!

The function to copy the settings from one node to the other would be really nice, I am pretty sure I desired it many times while compositing!

I am not sure I understand the thing about ctrl+c or ctrl+shift+c… are you asking which shortcut would be better? In this case I think the less keys the better…

Added option to copy attributes from active node to all selected ones.
Works the same as “Copy Attributes” add-on in 3d View.

Select nodes, then as the last one select the “source” node, Ctrl-C - Copy attributes from active to selected.

Version 1.2

Its great!, is possible for you the same script for the material nodes in cycles ?

Yes it is. It’s on my “to do” list. For materials I will have to approach it just a bit differently, but it’s possible.

Some ideas that I have are as follows:

Ctrl +, Ctrl -, Ctrl / etc - exactly the same as in compositing, i.e adding mix nodes.

For mixing shaders I’d go for let’s say Ctrl-Shift-0 to add mix shader, Ctrl-Shift + to add “Add Shader”

I’d also do something like “replace shader”, so you’d select say “Diffuse Shader”, hit some key combination to change it to “Glossy Shader”, or say Ctrl-Shift- arrows to change shaders sequentially.

I will think about it and will surely work on it.

Any other suggestions?

Love the copy properties option, can’t wait to see what you can do for extra functionality. Thankyou so much.

Awesome add-on; cheers for doing this.

It will help a lot. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you have seen the last commit of Lukas toenne, but it create the left panel in node editor, I this it’s a better place for your addon.
I will take a look for make the change if you want, but it will only work with the last svn.
edit: yes it’s easy, only change “UI” for “TOOLS”.

But it doesn’t work in official blender 2.65, does it? I tried to make it work, but I don’t think the left panel even exists here.

No, like I say it only work in the last svn, when you make your own build.
The dev want to implement something like that to.

So your addon + this feature will be a time winner!!!

Yes, I’ve seen this. I’m in contact with Lukas. His addition is great.

Hmm sadly you don’t seem to be able to use predefined nodes. Like a color node with preferred value already set. I couldn’t see in video, can you add groups? If so I guess you could place the predefined stuff there but you still have to have access to the group node via append etc.

didt tried it yet but looks like a big timesaver working with noodles.
Thanks a lot!