[AddOn] NP Float Box

Hi everyone,

here’s a set of scripts i made to help me out with basic shapes in my projects. They make geometrical shapes with three clicks. With varying parameters, you can make simple boxes, cylinders, n-gonal prisms, cones and pyramids.

Also in the set, there is a new script for transfering materials between objects - Shader Brush.

Unzip and copy all the scripts separately to the script folder and activate them in User preferences dialogue.
After install, a new panel should appear in the toolshelf with the name NP.

Feedback is welcome.

Thanks to Mano Wii and Elegant Artz for inspiration…


NP_set_007.zip (20.5 KB)

Wow! very useful.
Is it possible to enable navigation while modal runs?
Much thanks.

@Okavango I like it. Thank you!

No problem guys, glad you like it.

The navigation is possible durring the rectangle phase (you can orbit, zoom…), but i didn’t succeed to enable it during the extrude part, my coding is quite primitive. I will see, maybe it is possible.

Also you can interrupt it with esc, and if you hit rightclick during extrusion, it will leave only the rectangle base.

Hi Okavango,

Nice script. A possibility to give precise dimensions for x and y would be really nice (z already works). Also the possibility to use snapping would be welcome.

Great job anyway :slight_smile:

Seems to be nice work and it seems to operate like Max does. It would worth to use this method for all possible objects.

I installed it and am trying to run it from the Spacebar menu, but get the following error:

View3D not found, cannot run operator

Any ideas?

Yes, x/y user input would be great, but that needs some good coding time. I think it is possible. Maybe soon, i have some other stuff that i have to finish.

The openGL snap for the drawing phase would also be nice, but that is a complex matter. As far as i know, it doesn’t exist yet. The only one i know that seriously tackled that problem is Mano Wii in mesh_snap_utilities addon, and it is very complex and still not perfect for arbitrary objects. If he somehow completes that and makes it into some kind of separate module that we can all use, it is possible.

Saltorio, make sure your mouse is over the 3Dview when you do that. It is ment to be called while you are in 3d and it is most elegant when you use it from a pie menu or a shortcut…

Pardon my noobness: how do I get the Spacebar menu to work over 3D View? I have Pie Menu enabled, which seems to override it.

You can assign a new hotkey to the spacebar menu. It is in “Window” category as “Search Menu” in the “Input” tab of “Blender User Preferences”.

I updated the code a little bit and added a new script, for making cylinders. It works the same as the first one and it has the possibility to change the number of cylinder sgements with numpad +/- or up/down.

In this way it is possible to make cylinders as well as n-gonal prisms.


@Okavango I have some suggestions:

  • Add to menu Primitive
  • Now is not work in edit mode :frowning: Maybe you can fix this.
  • If I can use mouse scroll to change subdiv it will be perfect.
  • Snap to grid with Ctrl?
  • One addon it will be better options.

I hope give some good idea :wink: You made good work!

Yes floo, thanks for the ideas, some of them are a natural way this should evolve. Unfortunately i have very little time to code and i am making this primarily for my day-to-day needs. Snap to grid might be something to consider though. And the rest will probably come in time.

I also added a script for cones / piramyds, which works almost the same as the one for cylinders. Based on your nice remark, now they both have the ctrl+scroll option for subdivision and it feels ok. Simple scroll is still reserved for zooming - navigation is possible in that phase…

@Okavango cool! thx!

Great, nice to see you active, Okavango :slight_smile:

I installed it and am trying to run it from the Spacebar menu, but get the following error:

View3D not found, cannot run operator

Hi razel_henzo, keep your mouse over the 3D view when you go to spacebar menu.

@ bekic.bojan, howdee stranger :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

i worked on the layer issue in the float addons and managed to put up a simple panel for these scripts so there wouldn’t be any more usage problems. Unfortunately, i still don’t know how to make init.py and script folders so i had to use a different system.

In the new zip file you will find five scripts. Put them in your script folder as if you copied five independent scripts and activate them all in the User prefs. The one that will make the panel in the toolshelf is NP_base_panel, it will search for the other four and add them to the panel so you would have all of them in one place. I had to do this because i need your feedback on how these scripts behave. Don’t forget do deactivate the older ones.

Most important, there is a new script in the set which i would like you to try and report bugs. It’s called the Shader Brush and it gives you the option to transfer materials directly in 3D view.

After you start it, you can use leftclick, ctrl+click and alt+click for the functions. It activates the material you point with ctrl+click and copies it to another object with leftclick (or objects if you have more selected). Alt+click paints single faces of the mesh. So far, this script works only with meshes. At least i hope it does :slight_smile:

Very very cool job

It is difficult to implement those tools i really miss those from hexagon i hope some one implement it in blender really useful for architecture and precise modeling

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