[Addon] -Oscurart Rope Maker

Hi everybody.
I finish my last addon, “Oscurart Rope Maker”.
This tool create ropes, cables, and more…
I made this video, with the use and functionality.



Blog: oscurart.blogspot.com

>>>>>>>>> DIRECT DOWNLOAD <<<<<<<<<<<


Looks briliant, thanks!

Cool, If you updated it
Have A setting for multiple curves(rope threads, now its set to 4)
Have setting were the curve/thread shape can be changed,
right now its a Square, that can be subdivided…
(maybe look at curvacious galore script, or Beam Builder, for more types)

Curvacious Galore


Good idea holyEnigma.
I will work on this.


HolyEnigma, download the file again…

Oscurart Rope Maker 1.1

Now you can change the strands number.

really nice! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good job.

now, if you could get this script to work, like the other “Add Chain Mesh” script, not your chain script, the other one…
where when you drag the curve the chain gets longer, this one would make the rope longer…

on a rope we have no “links” so we dont have to worry about them bending…
that other script would work… combined with this one. :eyebrowlift:

Great idea! I have a suggestion though…
It would work allot better if you could make curved ropes, you should be able to make a curve and have the rope follow that curve.

hi, cool script indeed :slight_smile:
If you could get it working like the other chain gen it would be good.
We will mail you soon about getting this script to addons contrib,
feel free to drop in to IRC freenode Blenderpython for a chat.

I need to make this kind of rope but do not seem to be able to with the current script.
Perhaps you would consider this for a future version.

EDIT nvm i found solution.


Great Addon :open_mouth:
Can you update it to work with Blender 2.8+

The addon is working for 3.0

you can model this by hand!!! don’t be lazy! heheheeh

Well I have your add-ons and they are great except this one
I have tried to install it but nothing shows up on curve menu.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 154011

The download link at the top of this pages seems dead.