[Addon] packcygon – 2D packing algorithm. (Implementation of 'cygon' in blender)

Useful for people who print things in three-d perhaps to save on plastic?

Or for people who print things on paper, to fit many things on a page.

I do not know what you will use it for but you will find it and more info here

Its funny, but far away from optimal packing.

Indeed true. There are many many different http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Packing_problems#Packing_rectangles algorithms and this one is quick-and-dirty because I am no wizard or ninja at programming. The “guessing” algorithm reaches a “fudge factor” which can be adjusted if using “cygon packmodal” instead of “cygon pack”. The latter uses “guess” while the modal lets you manually adjust. It also tends to bail on large numbers of objects and thus need several repeats ( sorry about that ). Still, I had it sitting around and I thought it worth releasing.

Basically, my philosophy on releasing software is that even sucky bad software can fill a void.

It seems that bigger objects are bottom left and smaller top right. And it contructs L-shape when you mousewheel.


I think many people would love to see you work on UV Island packing. It’s something that comes up a lot and is it very needed and useful.

i use my own script - can find spread button in nikitron tools - doing simply this packing, without rotation.