[AddOn] Parametric Beam for 2.66 (a parametric object template)

Hi All,

A while back Revolt Randy released his beam builder code and I adapted it for animation in 2.5.

I wanted to re-introduce this animated parametric concept for new tool coders. Some tools do belong in the Tools palette, but other scripts, that actually generate full objects, can be easily parameterized for later animation using the technique in this AddOn.

The parameters are contained within a collection of properties that are stored as a custom property in the object. In this simple example only a single entry exists in the collection. Thus those entry values are affecting the self that hold the collection (in this case the beam object).

When the frame changes or a parameter is changed in the GUI panel, an update is called and the entire mesh is re-calculated and reassigned to the existing object.

I offer this up as a template and for review/feedback of the techniques used.



266_addon_animated_beam_1a.blend (139 KB)

Hi Atom,

Always a great piece of codes under the arm: Very good idea to update meshs in same time as frames!
A nice tool!
Thanks for your job.

great, you can do!

Do you have a windows generator file for mac?