[Addon] PBR Painter - Multi-texture painting


I created a proof-of-concept addon to enable multi-texture painting in Blender, useful to paint PBR maps all at once - base color, occlusion, roughness, metalness and normal maps are supported(ie only metalness workflow currently).

Download is available here:

Install downloaded zip file into Blender addons. Blender 2.77 or newer is required as there are already some crucial fixes. Currently 2.77 release candidate which is available to download will work.

Note that PBR node group used in this addon is based on the one by Blackhartfilms. PBR textures can be obtained using a tool like Substance Designer or you can get a few samples here:


I have created a short video showing the process of painting a cube going from empty scene.

The main hurdle is that Blender painting was really not built for this, but this can be improved. Painting 5 textures at once can be quite slow, a few things to make it smooth:

  • Limit texture sizes to 2048x2048
  • Manually select faces to paint on
  • In Properties window, do not have texture tab displayed when painting
  • Undo feature while painting is disabled for now

If you are using a PBR painting tools like DDO, 3DCoat or Substance Painter, let me know if you would welcome a similar functionality in Blender!

A suzanne model painted with metal and wood:

Very well @lubos,
Congratulations, you’re the first to propose this kind of features!
I follow too the work of Pachupp HERE very interesting! Do you know him?
At soon…

Interesting, I’ll have to check this out. Please, yes to a short demo video if possible for those that don’t know how this is to be used.

Did not know about that, and it looks amazing indeed! From what I gathered so far it is quite an advanced painter, while this tool is aimed mostly at painting textures for game engines and is therefor rather simple. Will keep watching the progress of Pachupp, thanks for letting me know.

Starting to work on it, will post here when ready - hopefully by tomorrow :slight_smile: Thanks for feedback.

Edited first post to include a step-by-step video, if someone gives it a spin let me know! :slight_smile: Working on one more feature - exporting painted model to HTML5 so it’s easy to show off on web.

The addon seems to work with an empty Blender user configuration. With my non-empty user configuration (lots of addons installed), the addon seems not working and weird things happen. This is how the PBR menu looks:

In the image on the right it is how it looks if I press the “+” button. And then the left mouse button stops working in all tool panel.
Do you know what configuration or addon could be generating conflicts?

Bookmarked so I can keep track of the progress. Looks really cool.

Having issues with forums and mostly unable to post…


MatLib could come in handy. Currently this addon needs to use PBR material that comes bundled.

Fixed the bug and updated download, thanks for report! It was caused by transparent tool shelf.


Thanks, happy to hear that.

Will focus to provide more setups now and need to put together a small collection of basic materials and textures so it’s easier to get started. I also did a quick Sketchfab test, painted a hammer. Need to get better wood textures though. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m assuming that MatLib can be useful as long as the PBR node group not change with the different versions of your addon.

Do you think that you could implement undo/redo for each paint stroke? Or that feature would be really difficult to code?

Same as Safetyman, will keep following the development.

Thanks Lubos!!! Really interested :yes: will keep following the development.

They are also these excellent works in PBR . Perhaps you will serve for development. :slight_smile:

This looks awesome!
I just cant make it work for some reason, but would love to see it getting more developed!

the download link is dead, do anyone have this addon?

I would love to try this aswell. Can someone, who has this, please send me a copy?

the link goes 404…anyone has it?

I am a bit confused, why addon and video have been removed without further explanation? Is it broken somehow? I think I found the addon, but I am not sure I understand how to use it.

I’m sure they are adding more features to it, or may become commercial.

Yes, that could well be true. Though I think lubos is busy with the awesome looking Armory realtime engine for blender right now… which is of course kind of related, so who knows…:spin::eyebrowlift2:

Would anybody be kind enough to post a fresh download link please? If you have it already of course!