[Addon] PBR painter

Thank you, it’s good ! The transparent option is fast and easy.
The possibility to put a layer under or above is really cool.

Except if it’s intended, I found a possible issue :
when you rename a layer in the addon tab, it does not rename the node and the image name itself.

Just some suggestions to improve your addon :

  • It could be quicker to have it in the tools panel, instead of its own tab. so, less go-back between tabs.
  • A percentage to control the opacity of each layer could be great.
  • Of course , It could be useful to deal with others kind of slots (normal, bump) for future versions.


i have been working on something similar . soon will add layer and generators too …
glad to see your progress keep it up man .

and any help needed then let me know


The script is for working on texture paint, you don’t need to see the image and the node editor.
One task for the future is to add an export setting for color, mask etc… like a bake.

Well, maybe I wasn’t clear enough.
Different names between the slots and filenames can lead to errors in big production batches, where operations are made automatically to handle a lot of files.

While I can understand your point of view for “do not need the node editor” , we can not forget that some users enhance the shader and add some things like emission to the principled shader.

Please, do not see this as a feature request or an attack, just like a possible issue that can not be hidden forever under the carpet.
If it’s a decision design to have different names between slot names and file names, fine, but users can be disoriented when they search their files.

Just my two cents, I’m thankful for your work.

PBR means physically based rendering, so you have created a new render engine for painters?

A way of painting textures for those engines.

Finally! I was waiting for someone writing something like this for Blender. I will test it out soon. Thanks for your effort!

I try to found a solution (I’ve one in reality, assign ID prop to each image, but is not elegant solution :D)

New version, I’m working on the images management, but in blender is very hard because a minimal change, lost the image data. So I need to save the image a lot of time.

Thanks for sharing

A great idea,
however I’m afraid this needs some crucial changes in blender’s C code structure.

Had to move this section up to below the import to enable V2 (I moved it to line 21-30)

def upgo(context,self):
context = bpy.context
obj= context.object
i = context.scene.paintPBR_index
if i>-1:
mat = obj.active_material
nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes
links = mat.node_tree.links
refresh_node (context,nodes,links)

I deleted the old addon and installed the new one but when I activate the new addon this happens.

I had that too. I fixed it by moving the section

def upgo(context,self):    context = bpy.context
    obj= context.object
    i = context.scene.paintPBR_index
    if i>-1:
        mat = obj.active_material
        nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes
        links = mat.node_tree.links
        refresh_node (context,nodes,links)

up because you have to define upgo before you try to update it. Minor bug easily fixed.

I did discover that something is up with metallic though. The gold in this should be mirror polished gold. It looks like the mix node I selected is the correct input for that, but the metallic socket is using the same node as roughness to the left of it.

Thanks for sharing your test, I’ve correct the issue, now work, same link of above, V2:

PBR Painter V3:


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Anfeo, here is a window I am working on. The tiles around the arch are going to be marble. The window frame and mullions are going to be wood. There is going to be concrete grout between the tiles and of course I am going to be putting glass on the windows. Can I do this with PBR Painter V3? Is there a video I can watch to show me how to use the addon or do I just need to watch a video on texture painting in blender. Do you have a manual for the addon. Thanks, Brent


I think your PBR Painter is very handy!
I newer seen before the layer paintin in blender!!!
Autosave textures! Yes!!!
Thank you!
Can you improove it for much better quality?

  1. I think it must have layer opacity slider like you done it in “Bump Opasity”
  2. Is “Bake” checkboks in new texture mean like “Bake all color layers in one”? What you say to add checkbox to bake current baking settings + add it as layer!?
  3. To add my own file name suffixes!
  4. add image layers
    May be you find this link useful

Thank you for developing!


  1. good idea
  2. yes, I’ve add a bake operator to have a single layer with the current color you view, in one layer slot.
  3. suffix where? on layer?
  4. you can add image layer, what do you mean?

3 on texture, for ex mytexture_diffuse, or mytexture_d, or mytexture_D
4 oh, i will check it, may be my mistake
Thank you!

Is it possible to export the PBR paint layers for editing in another paint application like Photoshop or Affinity Photo?