[Addon] Pie Hide Menus


My fingers found it cumbersome to so often press H, shift+H, alt+H, when the keys could be efficiently grouped. This addon gives you just that - pie menus for hiding and revealing objects, mesh elements, UVs, curves, metaballs, bones and graph editor curves.

I’m not that well versed with managing keyboard shortcuts with python. While the addon does assign H key for the menus, it won’t work if you have H mapped to something else from before. That’s still a work in progress and if anyone has any advice how to tackle this, it would be most welcome.

The addon can be found at http://www.pasteall.org/71548/python


Maybe you could add ‘View Global/Local’ in the top location? Currently it’s on Numpad/, so for those who haven’t remapped it this’d be a timesaver :smiley: