[Addon] Quick Render

Have you ever press the render button before you set your output path and goes on a panic as the image sequence flooding your desktop? This addon allows you to pick the filepath before you render. There is also a render wireframe with minimal setup.

The Idea of the addon is to make it feel like you are just saving a file when you are rendering, having the most common predetermined settings.


QRender Image

Render Image as if you are saving an image file

QRender Animation

Render PNG Sequence, File Dialog Pop up so you dont forget to set your filepath

QRender Video

Render your Animation Directly into MP4, No fiddling with settings

QRender Wireframe

(Renders Wireframe)

This will hangs blender when rendering, I couldnt find much solution for this yet.

You can get this addon for free in gumroad, or $1 in blendermarket (donated to dev fund)

feel free to discuss in my Discord Channel, or here