[AddOn] RE:Lay (Cycles node values relayed) for Blender 2.71

Hello Everybody,

I have re-coded the RE:Lay script so that it runs as an AddOn now. I am abandoning the previous version, which was just a script that ran in a frame_change event.

This new version can relay animated parameters from array based datablock values, such as colors and coordinates, as well as single floats or ints like extrude, specular intensity and so on. The script now relays material values as well. This works for Blender Internal and Cycles based materials.

I have put together a short video tutorial to demonstrate how to use the AddOn and the new features.


Not sure I understand it’s utility. Video link?

Great Work…THX

Ok I can see the video and oh WOW what a great demo. Atom this is an excellent tool, thank you. Is there any way to randomise the delayed animation? I like the idea of iterating a material change over a number of objects, but it would be cool to vary the allocation of delay from a semi random variable across a group.

Is there any way to randomise the delayed animation?

You read my mind. Look forward to this feature on the next release. If you think of any other handy features for the auto-populate dialog feel free to post them.

Hmmm. I guess to animate each object they must be user created discreet objects but a psuedo array function would be neat. That is to iterate from a selected source object some animated clones. Using an intermediate object for rotation location info.

There is an addon called ‘arewo’ that does just that.

First of all, thanks for this excellent addon. I’m just discovering the possibilities of blender mograph tools.

One thing that could be useful would be to map the modifier stack too. I think it’s no posible at the moment, isn’t it? Maybe with another one of your addons. If that is the case, just let me know.

Ah, I see what you mean. I tried relaying an Array modifier count to another object and I get an unsupported datapath message. I think it might be possible, I’ll have to look into that…

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi, cool idea to have a fast way to apply and control color changing animation without handle f curvs or other stuff.

I try to install the add on but no script option appears that can be activate or removed .

I use Blender 2.71 64 bit on Windows 7 .


I have never really tested the “Install” feature for AddOns. I simply don’t use that part of Blender and don’t spend anytime checking to see if that part works. What I do I unzip the AddOn and copy it into the AddOns folder directly. It shows up just fine that way.

Oh that’s great. I bet you don’t because if you literally just unpack the files into the AddOns folder it doesn’t work at all. What you have to do is make a folder inside the AddOns folder and put the .py files in that one. Naming of the folder doesn’t seem to matter.

That’s the reason the install feature is there, so I don’t have to look and try around for an hour.

Cool feature though. I can see it’s uses.

Hi Atom, this is an AWESOME AddOn !!! Thanks a lot for your work….
Is there a way to translate the “clones” in a local orientation?

for example: I want to form a sphere from small objects and have them coming all from the middle…
is that possible?


Very useful. I painstakingly offset a repetitive animation for a project last year. That was sooo long and boring.
Your adon will help a lot for similar projects.

Many many thanks !

Where can I get this add-on? All I can find are links pointing to this thread, and none with a file to download.

Atom said:
“I am in the process of re-tooling my AddOns for later distribution on the Blender Market. Probably sometime after January 2015.”

Wait… :slight_smile:

Oh, I missed that…sorry.

Any chance the addon was finished/re-tooled and released? This is exactly what I’m in need of, but can’t find it anywhere.

Hardly believe, as Atom left to Houdini…