[ADDON REQUEST] Lens Flare system

Hi guys!
I was thinking recently about having some handy addon for blender- addon for physically-based
lens flare making- maybe in compositor nodes.
It could be something like that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGcToM_DyKU&feature=player_detailpage#t=368s what is already in 3Ds MAX
I realized, that actually it is not possible to make kind of such

result in blender…
You know, Lens flares are very important to achieve a touch of realism in your scene/animation, so it would be great to have sort of feature in BLENDER
I do not know how to code in python, so it is just an idea for YOU- coders…
Please share your ideas :wink:

You have it already under compositor node system.

I think he was more thinking about something like VCP Optical Flares… But you can do much of that in the compositor but it’s a lot more work than a dedicated system like OF or Knoll Studio…

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Some Time ago i’ve made a Node Group for This purpose. It work ok, limited by quality of Blender Nodes - especially Ghost isn’t that great.

i can make it a bit more user friendly and publish it, if you like…

Well… sorry for bad placement of topic…
I had on mind some complex addon for lens flare making, maybe in compositor though- tell me how to get kind of such result in it??

Yes I had in mind VCP lenses too

Right now flares in Blender are linked to the brightest part of the image right? Correct me if it’s not.

Would be cool a specific node for placing advanced and flexible flares where you want, independently from the image’s contrast/brightness

There a very interesting paper over at max planck.

there’s as well some c-code. i haven’t found yet anything about license…

Their System looks very real and is fast. Would be great to be included in Blender.

“Right now flares in Blender are linked to the brightest part of the image right?”

Well, yes and no. The Glare Node uses the Brightness of the given image. You can pre-process the image to only contain the brightness (ramp) or whatever you want.

Yes! something like that… physically- based system implented to compositor nodes would be probably the best solution…
Is there any coder? :smiley: Lens flares are very important to achieve kind of realism in picture…

Well is there any chance someone will start on doing on this node once we will have a clear idea of it?

well, probably not. :wink:

Soo sad… we have to do those primitive lens flares in compositor maybe… or in GIMP/PHOTOSHOP

Don’t take this the wrong way , your idea is very good and certainly useful and I would love to work on it. But we coders are up to our necks with our own projects.

Learning to code in python and blender is not actually hard or complicated. It should not take you more than 2 weeks to get started with your addon.

I have made a book for absolute begineers here


This book teaches the basics of the Blender API


from there on its just a matter of finding the info you need in api docs in blender wiki. Finding someone else to do it for you is always ideal, but coding it yourself is not hard, just time consuming.

I think the Python approach doesn’t fit here (for me). I could make something (python) to make Lens Flares, but i doubt it would be good integrated. What i mean is: Lens Flares should be a compositor Node, to be able to take Brightness into calculation for where the Lens Flares take Place. I might be wrong, but atm i don’t see a way to do this with Python. And to have Lens Flares put manually in image is cool, but for me missing the Point of Lens Flares.

currently python cant make custom nodes. This is C territory and way out of my field. Its also very hard. You could use python to make node setups , and automate some of the repetitive users tasks. For example offer some lens flare compositor node presets. That should be very easy even for you.

Yeah! I was thinking about some node (I have no knowledge concerning Python so sorry about the addon idea) in compositor, but more sophisticated like not just “ghosts” or something like that… More kind of options or presets sort of based on realism