[Addon request] node based modeling tool (alla antimony)


I found today about antimony I got totally in love with it, check it out, it’s really awesome and it’s open source:

It’s not the first time I have thoughts about that a node based modeling tool in Blender would be incredibly useful… I know Sverchok is there but the approach is fairly different in the way antimony is more oriented to CAD or parametric modeling.

What do you think?
Anyone interested in coding it? (I would but I don’t have enough skills…)

This thing is awesome! I don’t think it could easily integrate into Blender due to the drastically different drawing methods - but this is super cool. Maybe it can and then that would be even better.

The source is on github.

Tried contacting the author about a possible Windows version.

I think the best thing maybe a live link. This way you could do layout in Blender. Pop open Antimony to create a good high detail version, and when you switch back to Blender, Antimony converts it to a voxel or mesh.