[ADDON] rigid bodys generator : Add Rigid bodies and Joints on selected bones easily

You can add Rigid bodies and Joints on selected bones easily and quickly, example hair and cloth and so on.

main menus

Prop Options

check this video. more tutorial.


  1. Install & activate Addon.
  2. Select some bones in “pose mode”.
  3. Execute actions on “Rigid Body Gen” tab.
  4. Edit propaties on prop panel.


Thank you.


Good idea. Thanks

Thank you, urkokul.

*adding gif animation to explain

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Thank you. Does it work with 2.81?
I can’t find the menu after installing.

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There is a forked version of this working with Blender 2.81 https://github.com/SAM-tak/gen_rigidbodies I hope that helps you!


That’s really great! It really became my time-saver. Thank you!

One question: What were the IK constraints for in the video?

hi! i’m getting python errors on 2.93 allthough I replaced the script, any chance of an update? such an awesome plug in, wish i could use it in my scene!