[addon] Sculpt Tool Kit [$]

(Jeacom) #1

Cool, my addon got featured on Staff picked blender market creations after an update.
I had some problems with the page, sorry if no one could acess it in the meantime.
But it makes me so happy!

I added a few tools and improved the interface.

This addon adds lots of tools, for sculpting, as some feedbacks point, seems to be good for 3D scan processing as well.

here is a list of features:

  • Fast access Pie Menu.
  • Simplified Remeshing,
  • Boolean Operations,
  • Boolean Cutting,
  • Sculpt Mask based Decimation,
  • Sculpt Mask based Dformation (some might call it transpose),
  • Sculpt Mask mesh Extraction
  • Sculpt Mask based Cutting,
  • Basemesh generation from armature (like skin modifier but more versatile),
  • Premade armature to generate basemeshes.
  • Viewport solid light controll (also support saving and loading presets),
  • Ramdomized color for objects (great for viewing models made of many pieces.)
  • A few other things.

I hope you enjoy.

A short tutorial showing how it can be used.

(Jeacom) #2

Hello, just pointing I released a update.

Here is a short summary of some things this addon does now.


This kit is fantastic; thank you so much for making it! Here’s a sculpt I converted using Envelopes; I could only construct one side and then mirror it using dynamic topology as the X mirror wasn’t working.

(RaphaelBarros) #4

The basemesh tool created from the envelope bones is a really ingenious solution! I guess I won’t be using skin modifier for basemeshes anymore :P.

(HeadClot) #5

Does this work with 2.8?

(Jeacom) #6

Not yet, but I will update for sure!