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Hello blenderartists :),
This Add-On provides a simple search/replace menu for use in the 3D view properties sidebar. Allows users to search all objects from the scene or filter them by material/texture and even to replace the material/texture very fast.

The searchresult will be written into a interactive output field where users can select the found objects. Selecting an object from the output field will also select the object in the scene, set it to the active object and focus the view on it.

You don’t have to press a “start search” button or similar, just put the searched material/texture in and the search will start automatically.

User Interface:

I created this AddOn due to a request from some users at
Please tell me what you think, is it usefull or not ? Pls tell me what i can do to make it usefull if not. Any Feedback is welcome!

Edit: You can download the AddOn now from my WikiPage

AddOn Demonstration Video (not current):



You can download my AddOn now from my WikiPage: Click here

cool thanks!

I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

nice one thanks! I think material management in blender needs some revision, and things like this are of big help! :slight_smile:

thank you all :slight_smile: i really appreciate your postive feedback!

PS: You are also welcome to tell me what you wan’t me to improve, i will see if i can do it.

Hi EdwardBlack,

Great Idea! Thks you so much!

Thank you Spirou4D :)!
PS: I’ve wrote a material replace function as a feature, you can donwload the newest version here:

Hey peeps, i wrote another feature for my Add-On ! Now you can also search for objects by texture and replace the texture :slight_smile:

Another update :slight_smile: i merged this Add-On with my other Add-On (“GoTo Object”). I’ve also added a new button and do some more changes.

Changelog from v1.3 to v1.4:

  • I’ve added a new feature to let users search for all objects in the scene (including cameras, lamps, curves, emptys, fields etc.) and select and focus to them.
  • I’ve add some labels to make the Add-On easier to understand
  • All refresh buttons point at the same method now.
  • The material menu has now a new button which allows to replace only the materials from the selected objects.

This is how the new interface looks now:

I did not tested it in detail yet, if you find any bugs then pls tell me.


Cool, :slight_smile: I like this. I have been developing a small increasingly complex game. As of now, the center focus looks great, and is just about fully functional, I have a fully textured, tuned room environment. Mainly, what the camera looks at is detailed out and again fully textured.
I will be adding more textures for bottles and other low poly props.

I have a lot of old textures and or materials that could potentially be discarded. Could this do that? You know if blender just gets rid of materials that are not linked to anything? I noticed animations get dumped after clearing key frames and restarting.

Anyway, keep up the great work!

hi Malicious Fiber, thx, im glad that you like it :slight_smile:
sorry, im not sure if i’ve understood you. Pls excuse me, my motherlanguage is german :/. Was your question if there is a function in my Add-On which allows to delete materials/textures from the project?

Or did you asked if there is a way to save materials/textures which are not assigned (have no users) from being discarded from the project after ending blender ?


PS: Pls do a backup of your project when using my Add-On, because it has not been tested by users yet as far as i know, so there could be problems and bugs.

Edit: i found a bug at the texture replacement, fix will come soon.
EditEdit: Ok fixed, pls download my newest version (v1.41.1) on my wikipage

Was your question if there is a function in my Add-On which allows to delete materials/textures from the project?

Yes, exactly.

Unfortunatelly there is no such function in my Add-On, and i doubt if it is possible to delete unused materials/textures while blender runs. The only method to do so is to restart blender, as far as i know.


Can’t you do 75% of the functions of your Plugin with the Plugin “Material Utils” ?
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Kind regards

Can’t you do 75% of the functions of your Plugin with the Plugin “Material Utils” ?

Hi Alain, unfortunatelly i don’t understand your sentence. I don’t know the plugin “Material Utils”, im relatively new to blender. I will take a look at it.

OK, the same meaning in german :wink:
Mit dem Plugin “Material Utils” (bei Blender standardmässig mit dabei, musst es nur aktivieren) kannst du vermutlich 75% der Funktionen deines Plugin bereits ausführen.

Bitte korrigiere mich wenn ich falsch liege.

Gruss Alain

Hi Alain, jetzt verstehe ich dich entlich :slight_smile: ich habe mir das Add-On Material Utils gerade angeschaut. In der Tat, einige Funktionen davon sind die selben wie in meinem Add-On, jedoch nicht 75%, ich würde eher sagen 40%. Danke für den Hinweis, Material Utils hat noch ein zwei Funktionen die ich möglicherweise auch gebrauchen könnte, z.B. das löschen ungenutzter Slots.

Mein Add-On ist ein allgemeines “search & replace” Add-On mit dem man Objekte exakt lokalisieren können soll, was man mit Material Utils soweit ich weiss nicht kann.

Außerdem beschränkt sich mein Add-On nicht nur auf Materialien. So kann man beispielsweise auch Objekte nach Texturen finden und auch durch andere ersetzen. Desweiteren ist mein Add-On zeitfreundlicher gestaltet, so muss man in Material Utils durch die komplette Liste scrollen um ein bestimmtes Material auszuwählen und hat keine Möglichkeit das gesuchte Material manuell einzugeben um das ganze zu beschleunigen.

Zusätzlich hat man die Möglichkeit alle Objekte der Szene einschließlich Lampen, Kameras, Fields usw. zu lokalisieren, und natürlich zu ersetzen. In Zukunft füge ich noch wahrscheinlich eine Funktion hinzu die es erlaubt nach Faces, Edges und Vertexen zu suchen und nehme noch allgemeine einige Verbesserungen vor.

Falls ihr Vorschläge habt, dann raus damit :slight_smile:


Excuse me,
When I download your script at the Wiki page I receive an empty text file with the name “space_view3d_search&replace.txt”
Can you look at it, thanks,

thanks for plugin!