[AddOn] Shader Node Wizard

I would like to present my new AddOn which I’ve started for personal use and extended over the last two years. Adding Nodes using Shift-A, select from the hierarchy and probably selecting an operation (Math, Vector-Math and MixRGB) is a very time consuming part. So with SNW you can just drop the correct node with D-Key + mouse click. But this is just a small part of the AddOn.

Have a look at the main interface:

You can drop complete PBR Sets into a single node, Grunge maps, Materials, UV-Maps, new Images, Vertex Colors, Tool Nodes and ready made Effects.

Many nodes (PBR Sets, Grunge maps, Materials and Effects) allow a comfortable modification by pressing the E-Key while the node is select. So for instance PBR-Sets can quickly switched with just a view clicks.

The PBR-Map Extractor is another highlight. It extracts, quantizes and orders Diffuse, Metallic, Specular and Roughness/Glossiness information from PBR-Sets and allows to use them with different Grunge maps. You can create different variations of your Materials with ease.

Many of the ready to use, but configurable Materials are built using this Feature:

SNW ships with 40 4K sized Grunge maps:

Have a look at the short overview video:

Available on Gumroad and Blender Market


Hi again,

I’ve added created some videos to showcase several features of the addon.

PBR and Grunge Nodes

PBR Map Extractor



What do you mind and what do you think about the Addon in general, does it have any use? What is missed?


Hi again,

I currently work in the next version, adding painting abbilities. The addon automatically care’s for the images that you can paint on, including the used UVMaps, each texture is using. There currently have two types of textures in mind, colors:

and effects textures, for bump/normal effects as well as for shader or color masks:

What do you think about the implementation? Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome.
Thanks for any feedback.



Hi Guys,

just wan’t to inform you that Version 1.1 is already available. Take a look at my Website.

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Hello, does it support UDIM workflow and baking textures out to use in game engines (Metallic Workflow)? Thanks.

Hi. No, sorry.

My previous Addon (Material Wizard) supports baking and export to Unreal + Unity (essentially you are free to configure which and how textures are baked, + some presets), but no UDIM support yet. I recently released a Material Wizard version that is compatible with Blender 3.x as beta release.

I currently investigate ways to increase the synergies between both Addons, as they have the same goal, just different ways. At the moment, both have the same code for PBR set scanning, import and setup, but I will try to share more code, so both benefit from future additions. AND baking is already on the TODO list for Shader Node Wizard. But no specific plans yet.

But all this is a lot of work and may take some time.