[Addon] ShapeKeys Editor

Hi everyone, i developed an addon which aims to edit shape keys in Blender easily. it has 3 main feature: rename / delete / sort.

0. Inastallation

ShapeKeysEditor.py (13.4 KB)

Install the addon above and find it on “Object Data” tab. I like to move it up above the “Shape Keys” panel, it will be more obvious to see the changes.

1. Rename

Click on the first tab called “Rename”, and click the “Rename Edit” button, you will find the new text in “Text Editor” called “RENAME SHAPEKEYS HERE”, which copy the shape keys name list for editing. After the edition, you can press “Apply” button and rename the shape keys’ name based the same sequence.


You can rename with the more complex regex rules and use built-in varaiable “{i}” which refers to the sequence index:


2. Delete

It will be hard to batch remove shape keys by pressing delete button once every time. So just like rename operation, go to “Delete” tab and press “Delete Edit” button you will find a new text named “DELETE SHAPEKEYS HERE”, leave the shape keys’ name you want to delete and press “Apply” and you will get the rest of shape keys without what are listed on text editor:


3. Sort

For me, the reason why to sort the shape keys is because when exporting 3D model with 52 blendshapes under the ARKit standard from another software like CC3 or Daz Studio, it always be time-consuming to adjust the right order by pressing the button up and down.

The Gif below shows how i batch rename and sort the “right” sequence base on ARKit standard in editor (however i actually changed the sequence randomly just for the purpose of demonstration). It may cause jam because of caculation and operation by program, please wait patiently.


Please feedback when you encounter problems or create an issue in Github :slight_smile:

Github: https://github.com/hahnzhu/ShapeKeysEditor


Very useful!
Many thanks for this, hahnzhu; this is the only way I could find to rename shape-keys in Blender 2.9. (Its “dbl-click to rename” feature does nothing.) I also made good use of your delete function.

Thx man, feel free to feedback

I’m happy it’s helpful.